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Penile Numbness: A Discussion And Possible Solutions

Circumcision remains a common practice in many parts of the world. But few consider it genital mutilation. Instead, clitoral and labial removal creates sordid responses.  
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Five Reasons Why You Should Not Be Circumcised

Being an active athlete in high school and college, I was forced to shower next to other naked men. And when you get a group of naked men in a shower area, some will goof off, some will “walk tall,” and some men will hide their dignity to the rest. Ricky was one of those males who “walked tall” in the shower. He would show off his “manhood” to everyone—whether the person wanted to see it or not.
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Cry Like A Baby, Circumcision Would Not Set You Free

Circumcision is referred to as the process of removal of foreskin after birth for maintaining cleanliness. There are several cultures that carry on this practice on their kin. However research over many years suggests that the procedure can eventually lead to negative psychological and physical challenges for men when they grow up.
About Circumcision
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Penis Keratinization - Caused by Circumcision

Keratinization, also known as “cornification”, is a process of forming an epidermal barrier for the epithelial tissue due to increased production of keratin (fibrous structure proteins). This makes the outer layer of human skin much more tough and rigid. Read more
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