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What! Penis Has A Life Cycle Too?

Doctors explain how a penis changes in size, appearance, and strength with age. Men's nightmare on aging! I frequently heard about senior's erectile dysfunction problems. It's no surprise to expect old man symbolizes impotence.
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Spider Venom May Treat Erectile Dysfunction

A toxin synthesized from the venom of a spider may offer an alternative to today's erectile dysfunction drugs, a new study suggests. The toxin, unpoetically named PnTx2-6, comes from the bite of the Brazilian wandering spider.
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Pomegranate juice may ease erectile dysfunction?

Consumption of pomegranate juice has been on the rise thanks to the news coverage of the anti-oxidant ability that linked to heart health improvement.
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Pomegranate Juice For Men - A Fruit Juice Like No Other

A small scale study found that the participants were more likely to have some improved scores when pomegranate juice was drunk on daily basis.
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Claims on the Wonders of Pomegranate Juice For ED

Pomegranate juice is one of the highest sources of antioxidants, containing approximately three times more antioxidants per ounce than red wine or green tea, which potentially benefit penile arteries too.
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Can pomegranate juice ease erectile dysfunction?

In a male clinic study, that 47% of the men indicated improvement of their ED after consuming the pomegranate juice. But this study has very small number of participants.
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