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House of Shame – Prematurely Busting Lose

There you are, waking up and fantasizing yet again about the evening’s date. You’re stroking your morning wood which is pretty large by average standards, it’s a couple of inches over as a matter of fact. Yeah…she should be pretty impressed by your big package.
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From Sprinting 100 Yards to Finishing a Marathon: Herbal Remedy Astragalus Complanatus Improves Male Endurance

Brady is a 52-year old sex therapist who’s treated sexual disorders in male and female clients. His office has witnessed tears, laughter and embarrassingly intimate details of love. But in all the advice he’s given to others, Brady never thought he’d have to cure his own problems. Sexual problems, that is.
A Man in Turmoil
“I was tired of sex,” he confesses. “The demand to keep going until my wife came and then have my own pleasure felt like a stage act I had to perform each night. Whenever my wife said she was too tired, I felt pure relief.”
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The Over-Caffeinated Zombie – Rekindling Your Sex Drive

Mark ran his own office – and in the last few months, he’d gone from a more understanding type of individual to more demanding and short-tempered. His employees had noticed this transformation but were too afraid to bring it up for fear that they might get fired.
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Cock Blocked by Your Own Body? How The Thyroid Can Destroy Your Sex Life

It’s bad enough all the things that can go wrong before sex. There are so many tiny events that happen between meeting a girl and sealing the deal, and any one of those events can derail the entire thing. By the time you get to actual sex, it should be smooth sailing, right? But too often, things don’t go as planned.
Maybe you can’t get it up. Maybe you can’t keep it up. Maybe you can’t get her to orgasm. Maybe you orgasm too quickly. Maybe she’s boring. Maybe you’re boring. It’s amazing we can bring ourselves to have sex at all!
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A Helping Hand: How Women Can Solve Men’s Premature Ejaculation Problems

If there’s anything worse than a surprisingly short stick, it’s a surprisingly short sexing. And we women might act like it’s fine, we’ve seen it before, no worries—but you know we’re mentally ticking that chump off the list all the same. And that’s all right, if you’re not in an extended relationship with someone.
Stuck In a Rut
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Put It Back in Your Pants: Over-Masturbation Depletes the Body and Interferes with Sexual Responses

The first time Kate found Christopher masturbating, she shut the bathroom door. Her hands shook with shock. “I’m sorry,” Christopher said later. “Sometimes I have to do that.”
Kate struggled to ask, “Am I not enough for you?”
“I love you,” Christopher replied. “But masturbating…well, it’s like a release. It just feels good.”
More Often Than Not
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Too Much or Too Little Means No Bedroom Satisfaction: Thyroid Disorders Interfere with Normal Sexual Responses Like Erections and Orgasms

When Jamie struggled to stay awake after a full night’s rest, he blamed it on his job. He started going to bed earlier and earlier, too tired to enjoy his normal activities. His wife noticed and suggested he drink fruit smoothies and take vitamins. But these simple solutions didn’t work.
Cause for Concern
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Red Light, Green Light: The Stop-Start Method Helps Men Control Their Orgasms for Better Sex

Chase masturbated. This information isn’t particularly newsworthy – data from the University of Chicago suggests more than 60 percent of males under the age 60 masturbate with frequency. But it is this last word – frequency – that made a difference in Chase’s life.
“Everybody knows guys do it,” he says. “I once to spoke to a doctor who worried more about men who don’t masturbate than those who do.”

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Ready, Set Go: With Premature Ejaculation, Sex Becomes a Race for Both Partners to Orgasm Before the Flame Cools

Nearly everyone likes dessert. Part of the appeal is anticipation for a sweet bite of decadence. But some people get a little over-excited and eat quickly – perhaps too quickly to enjoy the experience.
“I once had a patient who likened sex to dessert,” says Roger Bingley, MD. “Just as some people eat rapidly, this patient came rapidly. He became so excited he couldn’t control himself. Then he rolled over in exhaustion and fell asleep. Meanwhile, his wife had to use a vibrator to finish what he started. Their separate sex lives were sad.”
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One Toy, Two People, Endless Possibilities: The Cock Ring with Vibrating Testicle Ring Stimulates Both Partners and Corrects Sexual Dysfunction

Thomas manages an adult novelty store in a busy, thriving metropolis. He is a laid-back guy with a hip look: stylishly messy hair, glasses and multiple bands on his thin arms. He’s dressed in a plaid shirt and jeans and looks altogether comfortable from his perch behind the novelty store counter. In fact, Thomas enjoys talking about his profession because, as he explains, it allows him to help others in “their journeys to sexual satisfaction.”

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