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10 Miserable Conditions of Injured Penis

Everything can wrong if you are not using your common sense to take care the most private and vaulable part of the body. Imagine a life with broken penis or showcase a lifeless penis in front of your girlfriend.
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Putting Fork Into The Penis

Even if you are really bored, don't play your penis like this Australian guy...inserting fork into his penis.
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Persistent Erection For This Biker

This Irish mountain biker suffers almost 7 weeks of persistent erection caused by the blood clot. Ouch!
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Beating the Impossible: A man with a reconstructed penis fathers a child

This man who had a messy circumcision operation back when he was a small boy made medical history as the first ever man to conceive a child with a reconstructed penis.
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Sickle Cell and Persistent Erections

I have sickle cell anemia, and I’ve noticed bouts when my erection lasted a few hours after sex. Not longer than 4 hours, but at least an three hours, and the persistent erection has frightened me in the past. After reading this article, I may have found my priapism problem—sickle cell. 
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Famous Rapper Cuts Off His Own Penis

A famous rapper from the Wu-Tang Clan recently attempted suicide by cutting off his penis and throwing himself off a building. He was in critical condition but not dead.
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When Cold Feet Leads to Penis Chopping

A Brazilian doctor has been on the run since 2002, after hiring ex-convicts to burn down her fiancee's house, wreck his car and grusomely slice his penis off with a knife. What caused all this? Ms. Castro was enraged after being broken up with just 3 days before her wedding.
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In the Name of Science!

A student at Cornell University had quite an intersting experiment, where would be the most uncomfortable place to get stung by a bee? He volunteered himself to get stung repeatedly by bees in 25 different places and they included his PENIS and TESTICLES! 
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A Man Gets His Penis Eaten By A Hyena!

This man was just starting his life. He was only in his early twenties and he had something that I am sure any other 20 something year old man would be devastated if it happened to them. He had his penis eaten by a hyena in hopes of striking it rich.
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A Woman Cuts Off Her Boyfriend's Penis While Sleeping Due To Fear of Getting Dumped

A woman from China's Shanghai Minhang District cut her boyfriend's penis while he slept because she was afraid he was going to break up with her.
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