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Penis May Matter

I read several articles that state my “size’ does not matter to ladies. Hmm, after reading this article, I may not feel so confident. According to the study, size did factor into a woman’s decision of picking a mate.
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Having A Larger Penis Means She's Cheating On You?

Bigger is not always better. Having a larger penis is a symbold of power and strength to a man but it may not always keep a woman satisfied. This research was rather interesting after reading it. Apparently every inch on a penis will increase the chances of a wife cheating on her husband.
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Does Shoe Size Indicates Penis Size - Myths Debunked

This myth has been around for so many years, yet some people might believe this to be true. But finally researchers have done the study and proven it. See it yourself
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Can shoe size predict penis length?

Two urologists measured the penis length of 104 men in a prospective study and related this to their shoe size. Finally put this old myth to rest
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How Big Is Being Average?

Have you ever wondered how your penis stacks up against others? Feelings of this have rised thanks to the easy access of pornography and the freakishly massive penis sizes.
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According To Popular Science Penis Size Is An Important Attractiveness Ratings

Like it or not, flaccid penis size, height, and shoulder-to-hip ratio all affected the women's attractiveness ratings about their choices for mate. See what Popular Science magazine found out..
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Is Great Singapore Penis Panic Coming Back?

Many causes can resulted in penis shrinkage. Belived or not, hysteria can be one of them. More than 40 years ago, hundreds of Singapore men rushed to hospitals to save their shrinking penis. Penis size and strengthen are often the pride of manhood.
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She Grew A Penis After Taking Anabolic Steroids

A 28 years female body builder abused steroid and experienced serious side effects including facial hair and grew 1-inch penis.
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Is True That Belly Fat & Aging Can Easily Brought Down Your Penis Size!

Besides wrinkles, bone density, age spots, and many deterioration that aging have brought upon us, the most unbearable truth among all is shrunk penis! Thank God, it happened graduated.
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13.5 inches - world's biggest penis

It's on the news everywhere. Jonah Falcon is like a celebrity and has received offers from porn industry? Who is he? He is the owner of the world's largest penis.
 His huge bulge in his trousers caused a security alert... It's a dynamite meatstick...
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