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Penile Misfires – Shooting Too Fast

John and Nancy had been steady sex partners for quite some time. They got along well; she didn’t nag him about their sexual relationship being anything other than what it was, and he would give her screaming orgasms frequently.
One day Nancy wanted to hook up but John was unavailable. He stayed unavailable for several weeks, which was unusual. She went into stalker mode and lay in wait outside of his apartment. When he came out, she rushed up to him.
That Conversation
“Hi…where have you been I’ve been calling you,” she said.
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Jelq It Out: Sounds Weird, Increases Penis Size, We’re All Good

Hey guys, maybe you’ve heard? Size matters. There are all kinds of information trying to tell you differently, but at the end of the day, yes, there is a minimum. I’m not going to say my minimum is the same as another girl’s, but we do have them, and it’s probably more than four or five inches.
Ok, It’s Not Only About Size
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Bent All Out of Shape – Straightening Things Out Using Powerful Techniques

Don was a practical 33 year old man. He was active in sports and enjoyed working out as well. His dating life was fine; he had a regular rotation of women who were okay with his open lifestyle since he told them from the beginning that he was concentrating on his career. Ones that started nagging him to change, or tried to derail his business goals and aspirations quickly got the axe.
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Shrinking Sexual Prospects – Re-grow Your Smaller Member

Ted had taken a couple of years off from dating after a messy marriage. He’d used that time to focus on developing his business which was doing well. A man of 51 years he sure didn’t look it; he’d been an athlete as a younger man and was athletically built, plus he worked out.
Since his business was flourishing, he figured it was time to re-engage the dating world. He had been masturbating to meet his sexual needs but desired the real thing. He went on a few shopping trips and upgraded his gear to “whore bait” type clothes as he and his friends called them.
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Stroke It Out: Restoring Your Penis Size Manhood With the Perfect Grip

So you’ve hit the age when all the good things of life start to disappear: your abs, your love life, your manhood…wait, your manhood?! It’s an unfortunate side effect of middle-age that men start to notice a decrease in the length of their penis, sometimes starting as early as thirty-five. It’s due to a decrease in your naturally high levels of testosterone. This drop in dosage is incidentally also causing the other problems with lack of muscle tone, fat gain, and libido.
Martin’s Misery
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Pump Up Your Hump: Isn’t Bigger Always Better?

The other day, I was chatting with a few girl friends, talking about, what else, but penises. I think most men would be surprised about how much women tend to talk about guys, their penises, the pros and cons of each specific type, personal preference, growers versus showers, what’s too big, what’s too small, and so on, and so on. We can actually be pretty harsh judges, and the whole thing usually ends up being a chorus of giggles, shouts of laughter, and whispers of, “Shhh! You can’t tell anyone!”
Yes, It Matters
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Shame in the Game – Embarrassment Over Having a Smaller Member & What to do About it

Les heard the giggled again for the umpteenth time, he jumped out of his chair and peered over his cubicle partition to see two of his female office co-workers looking his way. They suddenly acted like they hadn’t been talking about him and turned around, walking off in the opposite direction while making sniggling noises. He sat back down and put his head down into his hands…this torment just had to stop somehow.
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Pump, Pump, Pump It Up! A Beginner’s Guide To Penis Pumps

Are you curious about how to achieve some extra girth and length, but you have no clue as to how to go about growing? Well look no further than the all mighty penis pump.
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Another Reason to Put Down the Cigarette: Nicotine Causes Erectile Dysfunction in Otherwise Healthy Men

Noah has lived a simple life. He went to college after high school and graduated with a degree in economics. His job pays well and allows him to travel. Now divorced, he enjoys a busy social life. “I feel like my life is on track,” he says.
“Except for my erectile dysfunction.”
Up in Smoke
Up to Noah’s fortieth birthday, his penis worked fine. “My marriage taught me how to bring a woman to orgasm,” he says. “I learned to hone my technique and control myself to come more slowly. I loved sex.”
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