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Bent All Out of Shape – Straightening Things Out Using Powerful Techniques

Don was a practical 33 year old man. He was active in sports and enjoyed working out as well. His dating life was fine; he had a regular rotation of women who were okay with his open lifestyle since he told them from the beginning that he was concentrating on his career. Ones that started nagging him to change, or tried to derail his business goals and aspirations quickly got the axe.
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Obtaining Enlargement With Penis Curvature

The Colussus at Thorpe Park in England holds the record for having the most twists and inversions of any roller coaster, a proud feat to tote for the theme park. The twists, turns and bends add the excitement of the ride, but a penis with similar curvature makes for a less than thrilling ride with even less pleasure. But for the men suffering from such a condition, the experience can cause displeasure, anger and frustration.
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The Young and The Sexless

In today’s fast-paced world, we always look for shortcuts, even in our love lives. The hustle and bustle of the world forces us to make sacrifices. We sacrifice time away from family. We sacrifice time away from kids. Hell, we even sacrifice time away from our partners. 
Sex too often suffers from these sacrifices. We have a quickie before work. We get straight to the act and forget the foreplay. And men, oh we men, will masturbate to get the release we need. 
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An Unfortunate Circumstance: Penis Curvature Caused by Injury

Many men have a slight curve or lean to their penis. However, most men fail to realize that an exaggerated curve, or one that worsens over time, comes as the result of repeated injury. Penis curvature is an awkward problem that serves as a cause for embarrassment, but also discomfort during sex. What’s worse: curvature can become acutely painful.
Why Does Curvature Happen?
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Astragalus Membranaceus For Penile Injures

Penis rings, pumps, and even numbing gels can all damage the tissue of the penis. Despite the bevy of harmful presages, men will try and do anything to feel bigger and last longer. While most women could care less about length (most prefer thickness to size), men still look for methods to improve their size and endurance at the cost of their health. Read more

Behind the Curve - A study of the cause and treatments of Peyronie’s Disease

You’re going at it with gusto. Your woman is riding you hard. She’s on top. She’s in control. The profound wetness of her love zone makes it possible for her to bounce with lubricated fury. Read more
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