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Herballove may revise and update these Terms and Conditions at any time. Your continued usage of the Herballove website ("Herballove," or the "Site,") will mean you accept these changes.
The website contains health and medical-related materials that are sexually explicit. The content is not suitable for minors (under 18 years). If you find these materials offensive, you may not want to use this website.
The Site Does Not Provide Medical Advice
The contents of this website, Herballove.com, such as text, graphics, images, email, feedbacks, postings, information obtained from outside experts or doctors, visitor’s comments, feedback, third party & community comments, and other material contained on the Herballove Site ("Content") are for informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your family doctors, physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on Herballove website or anywhere associated with this website.
If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or hospital immediately. Herballove does not recommend or endorse any specific tests, physicians, experts, services, products, procedures, opinions, or other information that may be mentioned on this website. Reliance on any information provided by Herballove, experts, employees, visitors, community participants, others appearing on the or from this website is to be used solely at your own risk.
Neither Herballove.com nor any Herballove.com representative or expert makes any representation with respect to the contents hereof and specifically disclaim any implied or express warrants of merchantability or fitness for any particular usage, application or purpose.
By accessing the Herballove website or maintaining any form of communication with Herballove, you agree to hold Herballove, its assignees, licensees, experts, members, visitors, owners, officers, moderators, administrators, webmasters, and directors harmless from any loss, claim or damage arising from your use of any of the information and ideas contained on the site, including following suggestions or advice posted anywhere on this website or its related communication.
Any readers, visitors, or members to this website are responsible to know and follow our policies, guideline, posting rules, disclaimers, and terms of services. If you don’t agree, please leave this website. Registered members may be banned entirely at the administrator or moderator's discretion.
Please understand that this website is not engaged in rendering professional medical services or advice. We are not responsible or liable for any content on this website. All information on this website is for informational purposes only. Use your good judgment when reading this website.
We respect the freedom of speech and do not verify the information placed on this website, therefore, cannot judge the merits or lack thereof, of any offering, information, suggestions, ideas, opinions or advice on this website or any communication involved with Herballove. All materials on this website do not reflect the views of this website.
Herballove will not knowingly allow material related to the sale or exchange of health or medical services or products to be communicated on this website. This includes but is not limited to information, commentaries, materials, surveys, products and services.
All materials, which may be downloaded by viewers for personal use only, on this website are copyrighted and owned by Herballove. Permission to otherwise reprint or electronically reproduce any document in part or in its entirety is expressly prohibited. We shall have the right to use questions, comments and posts submitted by members in articles, commentaries or other materials both online and offline. No compensation shall be earned, due, or payable for such use. All posts become the property of Herballove, which can be removed, altered, or modified.
The compilation of information in this website, including the design and organization of the database, all postings, and forums, are copyrighted by Herballove and its affiliates. We do not allow this information to be reprinted nor electronically reproduced.
Herballove shall not be held responsible for posted information that may violate copyright law. Persons posting messages are personally responsible for securing appropriate consent forms from copyright owners, prior to the posting of or uploading of copyrighted information, documents or software.
Copyright Policy
The Content is protected by copyright under both United States and foreign laws. Title to the Content remains with Herballove or its licensors. Any use of the Content not expressly permitted by these Terms and Conditions is a breach of these Terms and Conditions and may violate copyright, trademark, and other laws. Content and features are subject to change or termination without notice in the editorial discretion of Herballove. All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved to Herballove and its licensors. In an effort to protect the rights of copyright owners, Herballove maintains a policy for the termination, in appropriate circumstances, of subscribers and account holders of the Site who are repeat infringers.
The Contents in this website or associated communications are provided on an "as is" basis. We are not liable or warrant for the accuracy, reliability, completeness, up to current, or timeliness of all information, comments, postings, or any materials in this website and associated with Herballove.
In no event shall Herballove, its licensors, content contributors, user comments, user feedbacks, its suppliers, or any third parties mentioned on the Herballove Site be liable for any damages (including, without limitation, incidental and consequential damages, personal injury, wrongful death, lost profits, or damages resulting from lost data or business interruption) resulting from the use of or inability to use the Herballove website, or the Content, whether based on warranty, contract, tort, or any other legal theory, and whether or not Herballove, its licensors, its suppliers, or any third parties mentioned on the Herballove Site are advised of the possibility of such damages.
You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold Herballove, its officers, directors, employees, agents, licensors, users, participants, and suppliers harmless from and against any claims, actions or demands, liabilities and settlements including without limitation, reasonable legal and accounting fees, resulting from, or alleged to result from your violation of these Terms and Conditions.
Submission Policy
The personal information you submit to Herballove is governed by our Privacy Policy. Herballove and associated software, applications, platforms, and mobile devices contain features, functions, and communication tools that allow users. You agree that you will not upload or transmit any communications or content of any type that infringe or violate any rights of any party.  Confidential information is not allowed to be submitted for any purposes.
All submissions to Herballove, including any business information, idea, concept or invention will be automatically grant-or warrant that the owner of such content or intellectual property has expressly granted to Herballove & company a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, world-wide nonexclusive license to use, reproduce, create derivative works from, modify, publish, edit, translate, distribute, perform, and display the communication or content in any media or medium, or any form, format, or forum now known or hereafter developed.
By uploading any media or submit any information, you grant Herballove & affiliates a perpetual, non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to use, copy, print, display, reproduce, modify, publish, post, transmit and distribute the media and any material from your submission. Herballove & company may sublicense its rights through multiple tiers of sublicenses. If you wish to keep any business information, ideas, concepts or inventions private or proprietary, do not submit them to Herballove by any means.
You agree to only post or upload any media (like photos, videos or audio) that you have taken yourself or that you have all rights to transmit and license and which do not violate trademark, copyright, privacy or any other rights of any other person. Photos or videos of celebrities and cartoon or comic images are usually copyrighted by the owner. Uploading media like images or video of other people without their permission is strictly prohibited. Do not submit any personally identifiable information (for examples, name, phone number, email address or web site URL). Do not submit or upload any software, computer code, files, or program. Do not submit or upload any information, media, and content that include of hate, abuse, offensive images or conduct, obscenity, pornography, sexually explicit or any material that could give rise to any civil or criminal liability under applicable law or regulations in U.S. and your country.


Members are responsible for learning and comprehending all the rules posted by Herballove.com. Use of Herballove.com constitutes the acceptance of all terms, rules, policies, guidelines, disclaimers, any administrative and moderators’ instructions. Posts and profiles may be deleted without warning.
Upon registering, you agree and commit to be subject to all rules, terms, policies and disclaimers, including all administrative and moderators’ decisions and instructions.  If you find that you do not agree with these terms, you agree to leave the Herballove website.
Posting Rules:
>Posts become the property of the Herballove website. Herballove’s editorial team will edit, move or delete any posts as necessary.
>Information copyrighted or owned by any individual or entity is not to be posted on Herballove’s website. Information from outside websites is considered the property of that website. If such an event occurs, the individual that posted the information shall solely be held responsible. Herballove.com shall not be held responsible for posted information that may violate copyright law. 
>This website is to be used in English only.
>Use whole words when communicating. Do not use chat or text-message speak, i.e., “U” for “You,” “R” for “Are,” “cos” for “because,” etc. Please be considerate of readers that need to translate our information to other languages.
>Use of this website requires that you register an anonymous username. Usernames and passwords from other websites will not work on the Herballove website.
>NO FREE ADVERTISING. Free advertising of any kind is not permitted on any place on this website, for any reason. Whether or not you benefit personally or financially from advertising, your profile, signature, blogs, or posts that name, promote or advertise free or commercial services, resources, videos, websites, forums, blogs, clinical trials, fundraising, surveys, or products will be treated as advertisement. 
>Everyone’s opinions and sharing must be respected.
>Members, site administrators and moderators are not healthcare professionals. No member may act as a representative of Herballove or as an expert on health. Do not act as a moderator, nor tell members if, what or where to post. Doing so is considered to be an incorrect assumption of authority over other members. 
>Use good personal judgment. NEVER rely on site information or opinions to replace the necessary consultation with qualified health or medical professionals. This website is for support, empowerment and sharing opinions. Herballove website is not a professional advice forum or medical establishment. We are not responsible for any content on this website.
>Always remember that what's right or has worked for one person may not be what's correct for you. Your personal set of circumstances will always influence what's best or right for you. Speak with your doctor or health professional about the benefits, risks and costs of various options and alternatives in order to make an informed, confident decision.
>If you are under the age of 17, do not post your age.
>Please do not post your real name or location.
>Keep posts clean.
>Please only use capital letters for the first letter of a sentence or for proper nouns. Typing in all capital letters is considered shouting and is difficult to read.
The Herballove website is private property, and its use is not a right. Herballove.com reserves the right to prohibit or remove any post at any time without any reason. Herballove reserves the right to prohibit or delete messages that are deemed to violate federal, state or local laws or that may be deemed harmful to others.
>Do not post or blog about contact requests or offers for any reason.
>Never post any personal information. Do not post your own or other people's identifying information, as this attracts spammers and will be treated as advertising.
>Do not post any copyright materials. Do not copy and paste anything other than your own opinions.
>Do not post any pictures of gender organs.
>Do not post any discussion of illegal activities or politics, two subjects which are not prohibited on this website.
>Do not post, promote or advertise videos, message boards, forums or other meeting websites.
>Do not post research studies, college or school projects or polls for any reason.
>Do not name or post negative comments about countries, specific professionals or public figures for any reason.
>Do not criticize, attack, or harass others. This website is not the place to post slanderous or hateful statements about anyone. Derogatory comments or harassing posts especially aimed at sexual orientation, gender, race, color, religious beliefs, national origin or disability will be removed and posting privilege revoked.
>Do not post obscenity or describe explicit sex acts.
>Harassing communications, including any words that may cause distress, embarrassment, unwanted attention or other discomfort, is not allowed. Please be sensitive. Think before you post.
Be aware that Herballove does not have the practical ability to restrict conduct or communications that violate our guidelines prior to transmission on the Internet, nor can we guarantee the prompt removal of offending posts in a moderate timeframe. 


Copyright Policy & Notice and Takedown Procedures

The Content on this website is protected by copyright under both United States and foreign laws. Title to the Content remains with Herballove or its licensors. Any use of the Content not expressly permitted by these Terms and Conditions is a breach of these Terms and Conditions and may violate copyright, trademark, and other laws. Content and features are subject to change or termination without notice in the editorial discretion of Herballove. All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved to Herballove and its licensors.
Notice and Takedown Procedures
Herballove will remove infringing materials in accordance with the DMCA if properly notified that the Content infringes copyright. If you believe that your work has been copied in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please contact our copyright agent immediately.
If you believe any materials in Herballove website infringed your copyright, please request removal of those materials by contacting us (email or mail) immediately. Please include following information or see the U.S. Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. §512(c)(3), for more information
  • Your name or company name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.
  • Identification of the copyrighted work that you believe to be infringed (website link, URL or any pertinent information) for us to locate the material.
  • A statement by you that you have a strong belief that the disputed use is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law.
  • A statement by you that the information in your notice is accurate and, under penalty of perjury, that you are the copyright owner or authorized to act on the copyright owner's behalf.
Herballove.com (Attn: Copyright Agent)
560 W. Main Street
Ste. C288
Alhambra, CA 91801
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 626-582-8830
If you believe that your work has been removed or disabled by mistake or because of misidentification, please notify Herballove’s Copyright Agent immediately. Your counter-notice must contain the following information (or see the U.S. Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. §512(g)(3), for more information):
  • A physical or electronic signature of the user of the Services
  • Identification of the material that has been removed or to which access has been disabled and the location at which the material appeared before it was removed or accessed to it was disabled
  • A statement made under penalty of perjury that the subscriber has a good faith belief that the material was removed or disabled as a result of mistake or misidentification of the material
  • The subscriber's name, address, telephone number, and a statement that the subscriber consents to the jurisdiction of the Federal District Court for the judicial district in which the address is located, or if the subscriber's address is outside of the United States, for any judicial district in which the service provider may be found, and that the user will accept service of process from the person who provided notification under subscriber (c)(1)(C) or an agent of such person.
In an effort to protect the rights of copyright owners, Herballove maintains a policy for the termination, in appropriate circumstances, of subscribers and account holders of the Site who are repeat infringers.

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