vaginal numbness

While rare, numbness does occur to some women who masturbate excessively or take prescription or recreational drugs. Numbness, often a by-product of menopause, occurs because of a lack of estrogen, but drugs—both recreation and medications—can also induce shortages in estrogen. Shortages in estrogen can plague women with vaginal numbness, but so too can excessive pleasure from masturbation ruin intimacy levels. Women looking to regain their sensation should take VRP Formula I for enhanced feeling.

Your Guide to Vaginal Looseness

Some women experience difficulty achieving sexual satisfaction. The penis size of a partner may be a factor or his inept techniques may too be a problem. But when size... more

Vaginal Insensitivity - Caused by Drugs

Many side effects from prescription drugs go unreported because they may take years of progressive influence to realize the damage they cause. In addition to birth control pills,... more

Vaginal Insensitivity - Caused by Female Excessive Masturbation

S exual exhaustion occurs when the sex organs become desensitized from long-term over-exertion. Natural over-compensation for hormonal interference can also cause sexual... more

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock: As a Woman’s Body Ages, Her Vagina Can Lose Sensitivity and Even Become Numb

Young women don’t want to know how their vaginas change with time, and mature women don’t want to give details. Here’s the truth: each vagina ages differently. Many lose elasticity, not because of previous sexual interludes, but because vaginal muscles become thin and weak. Some becomes displaced after hysterectomies, and still others lose sensation. Ultimately, the greatest impact is on sex.

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The Truth about Over-Indulgence: Excessive Intercourse and Masturbation Pose Real Problems to Women – and Men

Whether you’re on a honeymoon trip or have just started a new romantic relationship, sex – and lots of it – is likely to be on the agenda. As with everything in life, too much intercourse can occur. It strains the body and can damage the genitals of both males and females.

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Tai-Chi Vaginal Massaging For Odor & Discharges

Tai-Chi Vaginal Massaging is a technique described in the Suu-Nu-Ching (the first Mystic Chinese Sex Bible from 3500 years ago) and was developed for women with various vaginal abrasions, abnormal discharge, odor, and orgasm dysfunctions. The only prerequisite was that the male counterpart needed to have a firm erection to perform this technique successfully.
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ViaPal-hGH-S Sexual Dysfunction Formula For Diabetic Women

ViaPal-hGH-S formula is a multi-functional diabetic restorative formula that is suitable for
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Intense Vibrator Damage

Learn about the harmful aspects a vibrator can bring to light, and how to avoid them.

One and Done

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Woman Against Birth Control Pills: How "The Pill" Ruined My Sex Life

After years of taking birth control pills, a woman finds that her body no longer works the way it should when she has sex.
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