testicle shrinkage

Testicular atrophy, known simply as testicle shrinkage, occurs when the testes diminish in size due to aging, injury, prescription drug side effects, or exhaustion from excessive masturbation and ejaculation. Diminished testicles are also accompanied by loss of reproduction function, low sperm count, or unhealthy sperms.
For elderly men, testicular atrophy is a normal part of the aging process. When testicle atrophy affects the germ cells, men can become sterile. If the testicle atrophy affects only the Leydig cells, testosterone level will drop significantly, as will sex drive and muscle mass. Men who have experienced testicular atrophy due to excessive masturbation, injury, or abuse to prescription or recreational drugs may want follow the steps outlined in Testicular Rejuvenation & Pain Relief.

Testicle Shrinkage Caused by Testicular Pain & Injury

Testicle shrinkage (testicular atrophy) occurs when the testes located inside the scrotum diminish in size due to aging, injury, side effects caused by prescription... more

Testicle Shrinkage - Caused by Over Masturbation

Testicle shrinkage (testicular atrophy) occurs when the testes, located inside the scrotum, diminish in size because of aging, injury, prescription drugs, or exhaustion... more

Why Are They Shrinking

Testicle shrinkage, known as testicular atrophy, can occur when the testes, located inside the scrotum, become smaller due to excessive masturbation, aging, injury or pharmaceutical drugs. Shrinkage can be accompanied by the loss of reproductive abilities, caused by either low sperm count or unhealthy sperm.
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Testicular Pain & Injury

Testicular Rejuvenation & Wellness Formula

There are many potential causes for testicular damage and shrinkage, such as Orchitis (inflammation of the testicles), Varicocele (enlargement of veins in the scrotum), or testicular cancer.
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Testicular Self Exam

It is important for men to become familiar with their testicles by examining them monthly. Testicular Self Examination (TSE) can help men detect tumors inside the testicles and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
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Filling the Testicular Void – Causes and Solutions for Testicular Shrinkage

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One of These Balls is Not Like the Other

Testicular shrinkage is extremely common, but the problem is usually preventable and treatable. Learn what you can do if you're noticing shrinkage in all the wrong places.
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