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Excessive masturbation, incessant ejaculation, and even age can enlarge, inflame, and irritate the prostate. Men assume that only elderly gentlemen suffer from prostate pain, but men as young as 30 can start to experience prostate pain. Prostate pain occurs either because of infection or inflammation. Prostate infections can be easily cured with prescription drugs and a proper diet, but inflammation, the most common cause of prostate pain, occurs because of excessive use.
The prostate’s role is to provide a white, alkaline solution for sperm to swim in. When the prostate is required to work over time, it will become worn out and inflamed. Once inflamed, men can often report a burning sensation during an ejaculation or while urinating. Men hoping to minimize pain must first refrain from sexual activity to allow the prostate to heal. Men may also benefit from taking herbal solutions from Prostate Health & Enlargement Solution & Supplements.

Your Guide to Prostate Enlargement

30 percent of men over 70 will experience BPH. While common at age 70, men ages 40, 50 and 60 can experience symptoms as well. Men can notice erectile dysfunction, premature... more

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Lee was a young Asian man who was extremely gifted in the field of mathematics, but not in the romance department. As a matter of fact he was still a virgin…at least with regards to women, not his right hand. Of average height and slightly built, he was a very studious and shy person. His schedule revolved around going to classes and volunteering to help tutor other students in math.
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Blame Your Extra-Curricular Activities For Your Prostate Pain

The prostate is tasked with producing the acidic, white liquid comprised mostly of semen. When inflamed, the prostate expands in size and squeezes the bladder, producing urinary problems for men. The causes for the prostates expansion is said to be linked to sexual exhaustion and age. Young men with enlarged or inflamed exhaustion are said to be suffering from sexual exhaustion.
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Botanical Prostate Corrective Maintenance Remedy

Want to improve your prostate health? This botanical formula can help!
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If you notice blood in your semen, experience pain after ejaculating or notice a slow urine stream, your issues may be caused by abusive masturbation that has elevated your prostaglandin E-2 levels. Improve your health today!
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