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Most individuals may be unaware of the insidious effects masturbation can have on memory. While masturbation may feel pleasurable, excessive masturbation can lead to poor memory. During sex, the body looses essential neurotransmitters and neuro-hormones. When these molecules experience a dearth in production, an imbalance in dopamine, GABA, acetylcholine, and DHEA occurs. Dopamine, GABA, acetylcholine, and DHEA serve crucial roles in several regions of the brain, including the frontal lobes, cerebellum, and basal ganglia (regions that are integral to the development of motor skills, thought processes, and time management).
When these molecules become depleted or imbalanced, individuals start to experience poor memory. Abusive masturbation can inflame the nervous system and produce harmful, pro-oxidant proteins that trigger even more inflammation and ultimately brain cell destruction, which leads to poor short-term and long-term memory. For individuals suffering from a poor memory may want to stop masturbating and take herbal remedy for recovery.

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You aren’t losing your mind! Ok, maybe you are, but it is only Menopause, which appose to popular belief isn’t the end of the world. Menopause symptoms can be overwhelming. Just remember, you are never given more than you can handle and over coming this can be daunting but it is achievable. Try and keep an open mind when researching Menopause symptoms, they can be scary but they are all treatable. Out of all the symptoms that come with Menopause, none are as defeating as a weakening brain. 
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Sexual Exhaustion & Sex Addiction
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Mental Burnout & Exhaustion Remedy

If you suffer from mood swings, low sex drive and depression, Mental Burnout & Exhaustion Remedy may provide your body with the essential nutrients you need to kick start neurotransmitter production.
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