performance anxiety

Men tend to brood over the idea of pleasing their partners. Some men incessantly think about how to satisfy their partners that when the time to please them arrives, men crumble under the pressure. Performance anxiety, a condition classified by excessive thinking that leads to a poor sexual performance, leads to Premature Ejaculation.
How is Performance Anxiety brought on?
Aside from constantly worrying about your sexual performance, men who masturbate in excess can inadvertently bring about performance anxiety. Excessive masturbation can weaken the ejaculation valve and cause a dearth in essential hormones and neurotransmitters that lead to Performance Anxiety. For men looking for some respite from Performance Anxiety may want to try some steps outlined in our Premature Ejaculation Guide.

Performance Anxiety - Caused by Over Masturbation

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Os Draconis Makes You Last Longer

Maybe helpful for: Men's Premature Ejaculation Symptoms: performance anxiety
Most men would be surprised to hear that even adult film stars prematurely ejaculate.
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Reiki Healing for Performance Anxiety and Chronic Fatigue

Reiki (pronounced RAY-kee) is a Japanese word that means “universal life energy”. The Reiki practitioner acts as a conduit that channels subtle vibration force or energy to patients in order to calm their nerves and spirits. Many benefits of Reiki healing include reduction of chronic pain, relief of performance anxiety and stress, and an increasing sense of well-being.
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