penis shrinkage

Over masturbation and restrictive clothing can disrupt the penis’ growth pattern by impeding blood or inhibiting growth hormones. Men who constantly masturbate develop high levels of stress hormones that result in the depletion of growth factors and neurotransmitters. Long deprivation of these neuro-molecules can disrupt the cellular signal transduction, rejuvenation, and detoxification inside the body that can shrink the penis. While young men who wear restrictive clothing during puberty can inhibit the proper blood flow to the penis, resulting in the malnourishment of the penis tissue that can lead to shrinkage.

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Men who masturbate often should refrain from the activity for a while to allow the body ample time to recover. Young men undergoing puberty should look to wear clothing that is less restrictive. If penis shrinkage continues, men may want to try various techniques & herbal remedy to restore back the size.

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