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Cock rings, penis pumps, dangerous sex positions, surgical procedure, circumcision, and urethritis can cause pain to the penis. Most men who suffer from bruising from rings, pumps, and sex positions may have damaged the nerve endings and tissue inside the penis. Penis injuries require time and patience, as tissues and nerve endings require time to heal properly. Individuals can benefit from all-natural herbal solutions such as Herbal Lotion for Penile Tissue Recovery and Enhancement. Males who suffer from Urethritis may want to try Cranberry Remedy with Hibiscus.

Penis Pain & Injury - Caused by Urethritis

A condition known as urethritis occurs when the urethra gets infected and inflamed. Some men can have urethritis and have no symptoms at all. But most men would experience... more

Penis Pain & Injury - Caused by Penis Exercises

Many men are dissatisfied with their penis size and will resort to any measure to achieve a greater size. Some men pratice penile enlargement exercises or programs, including... more

Penis Pain & Injury - Caused by Penis Enlargement Surgery

Many men are dissatisfied with their penises and will resort to almost any means to achieve a larger size. It should come as no surprise that there are many companies and... more

Puny Pop-Gun or Mighty Mortar? – Sparing Yourself the Misery of Small Erections

I remember back years ago while I was attending college, I used to take a lot of courses purely out of interest. When I finally talked to a counselor for the first time, I found out that I should have been taking certain courses here, certain courses there, all in order to fulfill my general education requirements. That sure made me feel like a real boob!
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Bruised But Not Broken: How to Treat Penis Pain Due to Overmasturbation

I’ve heard. I’ve heard about how you started masturbating at eight, nine, or ten-years-old; way before you hit puberty. I’ve heard your worries on how you’ve ended up with a curved penis, a weird erection, how sometimes sex hurts, how even ejaculation can hurt. I’ve heard about how you can masturbate to orgasm, but can’t achieve orgasm with a woman. How you can’t stay hard during sex. How you can’t get fully hard, even when you want to. You’ve asked, and I have answers.
Too Young
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Pain & Injury

Advance Herbal Remedy For Exhaustion & Dysfunction

Mental and Sexual Exhaustion may be the result of a very serious stress condition that hinders the human body with multiple symptoms that are often ignored because they develop so gradually.
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Herbal Lotion For Penile Tissue Recovery & Enhancement

Penile injuries remain one of the most common sex-related problems a man can experience. Penile injuries, known as fractures by urologist, can prevent the corpora cavernosa from holding blood.

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He Let Her Get Too Handsy; Now He’s Paying the Price—With a Bruised and Broken Penis!

He and his girlfriend were playing a little too rough; now his penis is in terrible shape. It’s bruised and broken, so much so that sex has become out of the question. How can he... more

He Can’t Keep His Hands Off Himself, Now He’s Feeling Broken And Experiences Penis Pain From Self Abuse at Twenty

He’s a young guy, but his penis has already gone ‘round the bend. It hurts when he tries to masturbate, but not always. He’s masturbating every day, but isn’t having sex, so he... more

When the Limpness Fairy Visits You Penis – Blow Her Away With an All-Natural DHEA Supplement

Many men have fun in their 20s, experimenting with sex and seeing what works for them and what doesn’t. When men get fixated and become sex-junkies or masturbation addicts, things... more
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