painful bladder

From burning to irritation, a painful bladder can put an abrupt end to any number of activities. A urinary bladder disease increases urinary frequency and urgency.  Men often feel pressure or pain in the bladder or pelvis. As the bladder expands, the pain intensifies. Men who suffer from bladder pain may be dealing with the residual effects of an active sex life. Still, men can fight the pain by following the steps by taking the right herbal remedy.

Penis Pain & Injury - Caused by Urethritis

A condition known as urethritis occurs when the urethra gets infected and inflamed. Some men can have urethritis and have no symptoms at all. But most men would experience... more

Prostate Enlargement Surgery Guide: A List of Outcomes and Side Effects

Forget the pills, all-natural remedies and exercises, you want to reduce your prostate-related symptoms now. You want an effective means for combating urinary pain, weak stream and damaged sleep patterns, all thanks to prostate growth. Thanks to surgery, males can find a fast, effective means to cure the potential side effects. However, prostate surgery, like all kinds of operations, include side effects. Read more

Ouch, Bladder Causing Orgasm Dysfunction

Sex is fun. When sex turns painful, it loses its appeal. From injuries to mental issues, sex problems stem from a varied and studied set of issues. One of the least common and known issues is Interstitial Cystitis. Connected to the kidneys, the bladder helps dispel any unwanted liquids from the body.

Without the bladder, the urethra would have no means of storing liquid waste needed for disposing. When the small sack becomes filled, the body disposes of the waste. During sex, an overactive bladder can interrupt the sexual act.

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Goodbye to Painful Bladder Caused By Acidic Foods

Are you surprised to find out many acidic foods might trigger Interstitial Cystitis (painful bladder)? It's well known that citrus fruits and Vitamin C are acidic. You might not aware that tomatoes, coffee, tea, carbonated and alcoholic beverages, spicy foods, artificial sweeteners, and various fruit juices are also acidic in nature that can trigger painful bladder.
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The Big Squeeze – Shrink that Swollen Prostate Back Down and Eliminate Incontinence with Herbal Power

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Strong Body, Weak Bladder: How Even the Healthiest Can Suffer From Urine Worry

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Bladder Pain Keeps Her from the Things She Loves, Including Sex

Her bladder pain is ever-present, whether she’s at the gym or having sex. It’s impeding her lifestyle and chaining her to a constant state of displeasure. She suffers from... more
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