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There are many causes that can reduce the number of active sperms (watery sperms). Stress, overheated testicles, drug, alcohol, and tobacco abuse may reduce the number of sperm by as much as half while affecting the sperm’s mobility and health. Even a man’s diet can affect his sperm. Men believe low sperm count is the result of over-exposure to environmental toxins. While highly toxic substances can lower a man’s sperm count, the problem actually stems from natural, treatable deficiencies. 
Proper diet, exercise, and natural herbs from Walking Sperm Bank - Natural Ways To Increase Male Fertility & Semen Volume, can all help increase sperm count and produce, healthier, stronger sperm. 

Male Infertility - Caused by Testicular Injury

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Male Infertility - Caused by Low Sperm Count

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Environmental Toxins Linked to Low Sperm Count

Reports of male infertility have been on the uptick for the last several decades. Doctors know infertility in men is caused by low sperm count. But men may be struggling to achieve healthy sperm for several reasons.
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Lowered Sperm Count Caused by Bicycling: Feeling the Negative Impacts of Riding

The older we get, the more we focus on the things we love. The list of things we choose to focus on becomes narrower as well. Take exercise for example. When we find one we like, we tend to stick with it. If swimming is your exercise of choice, you make time for it before or after work. Exercise helps you cope with not only your daily stressors, but also to manage your weight and functional mobility.
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Advance Herbal Remedy For Exhaustion & Dysfunction

Mental and Sexual Exhaustion may be the result of a very serious stress condition that hinders the human body with multiple symptoms that are often ignored because they develop so gradually.
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Male Reproductive Tonic Formula

It’s no secret - as men age, their sexual functions gradually decline. Due to the high-level stress environments they seem to have simply become accustomed to, they aren’t always aware that their reproductive health has been negatively compromised.
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Here we have a gentleman that has an average sized member, but wants more to bring to the table…er…bedroom, and also one with more bang-factor. How can he safely do this?

Can He Recover From Severe Testicle Damage?

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