PMS, Menopause, and even Andropause can all lead to high levels of irritation. Because of the alterations these conditions have on the body’s natural hormone balance, men and women can experienced heightened irritation. What once was tolerable is now irritating. Partners, family members, and even co-workers can all witness a sudden explosion in anger or frustration because of the alteration of hormones.

Men and women combating intense irritability due to PMS, Menopause, or Male Andropause may want to try Natural Phytoestrogen PMS Relief, Phyto Menopause Formula, or Ways to Increase Your Natural Testosterone. 

Mood Swings & Mental Exhaustion - Caused by Male Menopause

Other common symptoms of male menopause are mood swings and mental exhaustion. Sluggish feelings and an unpredictable temperament result from the gradual decrease of testosterone... more

Your Guide to Female Sexual Exhaustion

We often associate sexual exhaustion with over-ejaculation in men.  But engaging in too much sex or masturbation can also harm women.  Women have to be careful not to... more

Your Guide to Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

The fluctuations of mood and personality that many women experience prior to menstruation are often the subject of humor and parody.  But for millions of women, premenstrual... more

Herbal Remedies to Stop Irritability During the Menstrual Cycle

The side effects of the premenstrual cycle are seemingly endless and are completely different for each woman. Understanding how PMS effects the body is an important step to helping soothe and prevent major issues. By being aware of what is happening to the body internally, one can find the best ways to feel better.

Uncontrollable Anger & Sensitivity
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Spicy Dong Quai PMS Chips

Spicy Dong Quai Chips are a great and healthy way to consume the Dong Quai that suppresses the distinct herbal odor that some women cannot tolerate. Read more
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Enlighten Solution For Task Management & Loss of Priority

Maybe helpful for: Men's Over Masturbation Causes: SSRI serotonin depletion Symptoms: irritable mood swings
It’s the frontal area of the brain that is responsible for our daily executive functions such as planning, problem solving, verbal reasoning, priority arrangement, and task management. The dorsolateral section of the frontal cortex is particularly important as it organizes the sensory input from other parts of the brain...
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Gotu Your Happy Place

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The house is silent, empty and full of excitement. Today has been a long, arduous day—full of stress and frustration.
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