irregular menstrual cycle

Diet, a poor exercise regiment, birth control pills, and even environmental toxins can cause the body’s natural hormone balance to go haywire. For women, this misbalance can lead to irregular periods, increasing the risk of unwanted pregnancy while making it difficult for those who do wish to conceive.
Irregular menstrual cycle abnormalities are often caused by stress and exhaustion, while abuse of birth control pills can create a hormonal imbalance. Residue buildup from birth control pills can detract from the quality and amount of progesterone the body makes after ovulation, leading to period irregularity. Women suffering from menstrual irregularities should assess their current diet and lifestyle and make changes where appropriate. In addition, women may want to take Natural Solutions for Irregular Periods to get more consistent menstruation. 

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Out, Damned Spot! The Flower that Stops Spotting and Starts a Normal Cycle

Ah, to be a woman. We enjoy some of the greatest perks—good service, free stuff, the ability to procreate—but also a disheartening amount of issues—sexism, infighting, and menstruation. And not only is our period a regular feature at the party in our pants; besides the cramping, bloating, crankiness, acne and stress that goes along with the monthly destroyed panties, but for some women, menstruation itself is uncertain, can strike at any moment, or not come at all—for no comprehensible reason.
Not Normal
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Can Irregular Periods Cause Infertility?

Female infertility is one of those topics that women and society alike discuss in hush tones. The society has led us to believe that bearing children defines us as women. The ability to conceive gives me a sense of purpose as a woman, therefore; the thought of being infertile would be debilitating. Women diagnosed with infertility typically exude a sense of hopelessness and shame.

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Regulate the Bleeding By Chasteberry

Maybe helpful for: Women's PMS Problems Symptoms: irregular menstrual cycle
Every 14 days or so, women get a visit from Mother Nature.
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PMS Relief Solution For Healthy Female Reproduction

PMS Formula For Healthy Female Reproductive System revitalizes the ovaries, uterus, and fallopian tubes by regulating bleeding, promoting the relaxation of the uterine musculature, and producing a more positive, emotional outlook.
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