inhibited ejaculation

As a man is about to orgasms, his legs start to quiver. His breathing starts to intensify. He might even let out a small moan. Once a man ejaculates, he needs a small breather, but some men may be unable to experience the euphoric sensation an ejaculation produces. A clandestine condition, “inhibited ejaculation” prevents men from fully enjoying sex.
Testosterone Levels and Injuries
Inhibited ejaculation, unlike impotency, is not related to erectile dysfunction, but can be almost equally disheartening. Drug and alcohol abuse, excessive masturbation, poor diet, and age can alter a man’s testosterone levels. When testosterone levels remain low, men may experience weak erections, low sex drive, and even inhibited ejaculations.
Testosterone levels may ruin a man’s ability to gain an erection, but injuries to the penis can also ruin a man’s ability to ejaculate properly. Penis rings, pumps, and even injections can slow or impede an ejaculation. While other healthy conditions, i.e., diabetes, vasectomy, medications, or sexual exhaustion caused by over-ejaculation, can also inhibit an ejaculation

Retarded Ejaculation - Caused By Penis Pain & Injury

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All Jammed Up – Male Infertility Caused by Retrograde Ejaculation

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I Suffered from Dry Orgasms After Surgery

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Deep Throat Cup For Inhibited or Delayed Ejaculation

Maybe helpful for: Men's Penis Pain & Injury Symptoms: inhibited ejaculation
Imagine eating your favorite meal but lacking the taste buds to enjoy the texture and flavors.
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