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Menopause causes a flurry of exasperating side effects— from mood swings and low sex drive to weight gain and hot flashes. Some women experience only a few symptoms; others suffer from a gamut of debilitating issues. Women suffering from hot flashes can combat these debilitating conditions with all-natural supplements.

Hot flashes resemble a panic attack—except without the racing heart beat and heavy breathing. Women start to feel a bout of anxiety overtake their bodies. Then a sea of sweat inexorably engulfs them from head-to-toe. All natural supplements can reduce the frequency of hot flashes, while yoga can help minimize the duration of an attack. 

Popular Remedies:

Hot Flashes - Caused by Menopause

Many menopausal women reported that hot flashes, fatigue, and low sex drive are common symptoms happened all together. The surge of heat to the face and neck has been a source of... more

When You Can’t Turn Back the Hands of Time: Menopause Poses Exhausting Symptoms That Change a Woman’s Quality of Life

If age is a privilege, menopause is a curse. Many women assume they must endure the “change of life” as an inevitable part of aging. They muddle through the fatigue, irritability, anxiety, and loss of sexual desire even as they long for relief.
Here’s the key: effective relief is available, and a woman need not resort to dangerous hormone replacement therapy to get it. Instead, all she needs is knowledge about herbal supplements.

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The Fire Within: Menopause Takes a Woman to Blistering Depths of Heat and Then Back Again

You’re grocery shopping and suddenly find yourself engulfed in heat. Your face flames and sweat drips down your armpit, which is inside the jacket that up until a moment ago protected you from dropping outdoor temperatures. Or you’re soundly sleeping only to waken abruptly. Your body and pajamas are covered in sweat. The source of heat comes from within, deep inside your body, and you cannot escape its intensity.
Sound familiar?

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