heavy menstrual flow

Birth control pills, tubal ligation, and menopause attribute to a heavy menstrual flow. Women who suffer from heavy menstrual bleeding should take a Complete Blood Count (CBC) to check for anemia; undergo a pelvic exam to rule out abnormal fibroids, cervical polyps, or PCOS; and seek consultation regarding non-hormone-based alternative to birth control for women taking hormonal contraceptives.

Heavy menstrual flow can lead to low libido because of the altered hormone levels. By implementing natural remedies, such as the Botanical Tincture For Heavy Menstrual Relief, women can reduce heavy menstruation thanks to Fennel Seed, Corydalis, and Ginger – herbs revered for helping treat menstruation symptoms.

Low Sex Drive - Caused by Heavy Menstrual Flow

Bleeding that lasts longer than seven days or soaks through a tampon or pad every hour is considered heavy and can be a result of: Miscarriage Hormonal imbalance caused by... more

Your Guide to Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

The fluctuations of mood and personality that many women experience prior to menstruation are often the subject of humor and parody.  But for millions of women, premenstrual... more

Shepard’s Purse For Heavy Menstrual Flow

Belonging to the mustard family of plants, Shepard’s Purse has a long and storied history as serving as astringent herb known to constrict blood vessels and reduce blood flow. From stopping nosebleeds to controlling heavy menstrual bleeding, Shepard’s Purse has been known for reduce all sorts of natural-occurring bleeding issues.

Herbalist will often recommend the herb in order to help treat ulcers and bites, but women often use Shepard’s Purse to cure a heavy menstrual flow.

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The Key to a Lighter Period

It’s not a secret. Women have been dealing with menstrual cycles since the beginning of time and the Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) symptoms that come with it. PMS is the physical, psychological and emotional symptoms that come along with “that time of the month”.

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PMS Problems

We Got a Heavy Bleeder!

Heavy bleeders, commonly known as heavy menstrual flows, often cause unintended stains on panties.
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Menstrual Cup For Vaginal Hygiene

Worn inside the vagina during menstruation, menstrual cups collect menstrual fluid rather than absorbing it like a tampon or pad. Menstrual cup can also reduce the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS),a potential fatal illness that occurs when bacterial toxins enter the blood stream through tears of the vaginal tissue often caused by high-absorption tampons.
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Close the Floodgates!

Woman menstruates almost constantly—from heavy bleeding whilst on her period, to “spotting” when not, which occurs not in spots but in floods! Why does she bleed so much and so... more

Menstruation Irritation

Her menstruation has increased in strength in the past month. She wonders what the cause is. Having been married for twenty-two years, perhaps she is now entering the next epoch... more

Flow Like a River: Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Linked to Hormone Imbalance

She suffers from heavy menstrual flow as a result of low progesterone. Aside from lifestyle changes, she needs to take an herbal supplement to constrict blood flow and to balance... more
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