eye floaters

Eye floaters are distortions in one's vision that appear as squiggly lines, unnatural shading, or cloudiness.  On the surface, eye floaters appear to be problems strictly related to the health of the eye. But for some men, they are actually caused by excessive sexual or masturbatory activities, which can lead to sexual dysfunction. These amoeba-like shaped floaters can be disturbing, especially when looking at single-colored surfaces or open fields. Eye floaters are not optical illusions. People who suffer from sexual exhaustion may experience eye floaters within 30 minutes of ejaculation. Individuals who suffer from eye floaters should take herbal remedy for recovery.

Blurred Vision & Eye Floaters - Caused by Over Masturbation

Over masturbation exhibits several symptoms, from the less obvious that mimic physiological problems to the more severe issues that disguise themselves as side effects of drugs.... more

Eye Floaters: What If You Can’t Swim?

Do squiggly lines, thread-like strands, black or grey dots, cobwebs or rings float before your vision without warning, permission or explanation? Do these formations move as your eye moves? Learn why!
Eye floaters can be especially conspicuous when your field of vision includes something bright, such as snow or a blue sky. Once you develop floaters, they are like tax collectors-- they do not go away no matter how many times you tell them you are not at home. Eventually, most people learn to live with them, the floaters, not tax collectors. 
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Seeing Things? Eye Floaters Caused by Excessive Masturbation

There are many circumstances that may lead a man to excessive masturbation. He might be single, or his significant other may not possess the same kind of sex drive. Masturbation can serve as a general source of stress-relief, an action to rely upon in the quest for a temporary escape.
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Leaky Penis
18 and suffering from LEAKY PENIS PLEASE HELP
by Wess877 on Sat, 06/14/2014 - 15:53
7 39,441 by vinsmary
Mon, 02/20/2017 - 05:42
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Sexual Exhaustion & Sex Addiction

Advance Herbal Remedy For Exhaustion & Dysfunction

Mental and Sexual Exhaustion may be the result of a very serious stress condition that hinders the human body with multiple symptoms that are often ignored because they develop so gradually.
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ViaPal-hGH-M Fibromyalgia & Sexual Exhaustion Formula

Newman Lin, Ph.D., of the Lin Institute came out with this hormonal replenishment formula designed for people suffering from criti
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Getting Older, Getting Softer?

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Over Masturbation for the Times

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Lost Health, Losing Love

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