excessive vaginal discharge

Actuated by low pH levels and hormonal imbalances, vaginal discharge tends to occur alongside vaginal infections. While it’s normal for most women during their periods to experience discharge, women who constantly battle repugnant discharge are said to be battling a much more debilitating condition.
Hormone Imbalances
Involuntary spasms of the PC muscle caused by an imbalance of prolactin, testosterone, dihydrostesterone, and estrogen can lead to foul discharge. While women who take estrogen-based contraceptives, such as birth control pills, will also suffer from sporadic bursts of discharge, yeast infections, vaginitis, and even STIs, conditions that cause discharge, can form because of imbalance in hormones.
pH Levels Matter
Think of the vagina as its own uninhabited environment. The acidity levels help keep the bacteria from growing. If acidity levels dip—often because of a poor diet, excessive masturbation, birth control pills, or fluctuating hormones—the vagina will become slowly contaminated by foul inhabitants.
Help Yourself
Lifestyle changes, proper diet, and even medicinal herbs can help allay the problems associated with vaginal discharge. By balancing pH levels and stabilizing hormones, women can fight discharge. For better results, women should try VRD Formula I. 

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Vaginal Problems

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