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Each time a man ejaculates, the prostate produces a white, alkaline liquid semen use for swimming, while the testicles produce most of the sperm. Men who masturbate too much tend to exhaust their prostate and to produce more of this watery solution than is necessary, potentially causing infertility problems. Exhausted prostate might produced alkaline fluid as part of the semen in a sub-optimal pH that might not help sperm to survive in acidic vagina.
So Why Do Men Need the Liquid?
During sex, the prostate will release the watery solution known as pre cum to help balance the pH levels inside vagina. Without the alkaline liquid, sperm would die instantly inside of the vagina because of the acidity levels present.
What Can I Do?
Men looking to reduce excess pre cum should refrain from masturbating as much. Rejuvenate your exhausted prostate by taking prostate recovering herbs in herbal formula. Aside from causing fertility issues, masturbation can also lead to impotence and erectile dysfunction. Men who exude excessive pre cum may also benefit from taking Astragalus Complanatus, Os Draconis, Ostrea Gigas,Lotus Stamen, and Euryale Seeds in Jin Suo Gu Jing Wang Formula that increase fertility and reduce pre cum leakage.

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