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Dry Spell: Understanding Penis Dryness

Dry, rough skin seems better reserved for a snake or reptile that needs tough skin to combat the harsh environments. But dry skin on a human’s body can present a bevy of unwanted... more

Your Penis Can Get Chapped, Even If You Don't Wear a Kilt

Scottish tradition requires that a Highland man let nothing get between him and his kilt--even undergarments. To be fair, highland men forgo undergarments because wearing nine yards of wool from a kilt make for an uncomfortable experience—especially in warm weather. Scotsmen, as many would believe, may experience irritated, chapped and peeled skin of the penis in higher frequency than other men, but no science can prove this claim.
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The Peeling Penis Dryness Issues

“Check out the new meat,” perpetual college senior Peter Pipelayer said to his buddies, who quickly commenced to drooling. Peter was indicating a group of new freshmen girls who had just entered the local college bar that he and his group of male friends, dubbed the “Rabid Dawgs,” frequented in order to pick off college girls.
After a few moments, there was a collective sigh. “Ah man, Petey, I already banged that one on the right,” said one of his friends.
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Penis Cream and Lotion For Dryness, Irritation, Excessive Rubbing and Chafing

Maybe helpful for: Men's Penis Pain & Injury Symptoms: dry penis
A moist penis is a happy penis. When dryness sets in, sex can transform from pleasurable to painful.
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Snakeskin Effect On The Trouser-Serpent

Despite many experiments with soaps and lotions, his foreskin keeps getting uncomfortably dehydrated. He's nervous about using something that may not be safe. What can he use to... more

Rubbing You the Wrong Way

A gentleman writes in about some irritation on his penis that needs help. We’re here to address his concerns...

Dried Out Dong – Penile Dryness and What to do About it

Here’s a gentlemen who writes in concerned about his arid penis head. What can he do to make things better instead of worse?
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