dribbling urine

Because of the prostate’s position at the junction of both the urethra and seminal vesicles, an enlarged prostate can interfere with urination and sexual functioning, causing both urinary dribbling and premature ejaculation. Men who experience dribbling may often experience pain while urinating, often causing an unpleasant, annoying experience.
Men who have experienced an explosion of prostate growth may have lead an active sex life during their youth. High levels of sexual activity—both intercourse and masturbation—expand and inflame the prostate.

Your Guide to Prostate Enlargement

30 percent of men over 70 will experience BPH. While common at age 70, men ages 40, 50 and 60 can experience symptoms as well. Men can notice erectile dysfunction, premature... more

Erectile Problems Caused By an Enlarged Prostate

As you age and grow, so too does your prostate. It’s one of few organs in the body that grows with age. As it enlarges, the nerves and blood vessels become impinged, inflating the... more

Premature Ejaculation - Caused by Prostate Enlargement

Enlarged prostates can lead to premature ejaculation problems. Since the prostate stores and produces 95% of what is released during an ejaculation, the prostate decides when you... more

Always Running to the Restroom due to DHT Overload

I went to a concert lately. And before I left, I said to myself, “MAKE SURE YOU USE THE RESTROOM BEFORE LEAVING.” Because I knew that as soon as the event started, throngs of my female counterparts would crowd the restroom. Stalls would be occupied, and my appointment with the John would be accompanied by long lines, sneering women and foul-smelling facilities. 
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Frequent Trips to the Restroom: Not Just a "Normal Part of Aging"

More and more, ongoing medical advancements and an increased knowledge of human biology are redefining how we view the aging process. Familiar health conditions that were once widely considered inevitable symptoms of age are now being investigated, treated, and in a few cases, prevented.

The gradual loss of bladder control, which some still dismiss as a normal part of getting old, is most likely related to an underlying health issue that needs proper attention.    

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Herbal Remedies For Premature Ejaculation With Enlarged Prostate

Eliminate your premature ejaculation caused by an enlarged prostate.
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Prostate Health & Enlargement Formulas

Several factors can contribute to an enlarged prostate and applied pressure to the urethra that causes narrowing of the outlet channel of the bladder. If you suffer from prostate enlargement, this all-natural formula can help you regain control over erections, bladder control and your sex life.
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Fighting the Urge-Battling Incontinence Caused By an Enlarged Prostate

A male is experiencing bladder control problems and sexual dysfunction.

Drip, Drip – Enlarged Prostate Spells Big Trouble

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When Your Prostate Betrays You – The Scourge of Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a prime side effect of prostate enlargement, but what causes it?
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