Depression is a neurological condition actuated by an improper balance of hormones. Masturbation, menopause, and even P.M.S. can contort the proper balance of hormones that can lead to depression. Chronic masturbation depletes the body of essential neuro-molecules and neuro-hormones that lead to depression. Menopause and P.M.S. cause natural hormone imbalances of estrogen that could lead to depression as well.
While doctors often recommend SSRI drugs to patients to moderate the serotonin levels, men and women who suffer from chronic depression can find all-natural solutions to boosting serotonin in the body. If you’re feeling depressed because of menopause, P.M.S. or because of abusive masturbation take steps and natural solutions immediatedly to help rid you of your problem.

Depression After Sex - Helping Him Recover

Chronic depression can ruin your sex life. According to the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, 90 percent of severely depressed males noticed signs of impotence. Males who take anti-... more

High Level Stress & Mood Swings - Caused by Over Masturbation

I n the primal age, cortisol helped humans survive the wilderness and its predators. Unlike primal humans, people today face different challenges and stressful situations.... more

Postpartum Depression

A newborn baby should create a wealth of happiness and joy for you and your family. Except everyone but you seems happy. Sure, you love your baby, but you feel depressed. You’re not alone. In fact, 10 to 15 percent of new mothers experience these feelings that cause sadness and depression after giving birth. If you found yourself feeling depressed after giving birth, you may want answers, plenty of them.
What Am I Experiencing?
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Sexual Depression - SSRI Keeping You Down?

I had a series of Panic Attacks accompanied with OCD, I had obsessions about masturbating which ended by complete depression and fatigue. Read more
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18 and suffering from LEAKY PENIS PLEASE HELP
by Wess877 on Sat, 06/14/2014 - 15:53
7 39,683 by vinsmary
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Leaky Penis
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Herbal Mood Smooth & Stabilizers

Improve your mood, anxiety and depression altered by excessive masturbation.
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Happier Mood and Harder Erection with Fresh Catch Fish Oils

Maybe helpful for: Men's Impotence Causes: SSRI antidepressants nitric oxide depletion Symptoms: depression
Improve your mood. Feel less anxious and worried. And most importantly, gain a better erection with Happier Mood and Harder Erection with Fresh Catch Fish Oils.
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The Dark Side of Womanhood: PMDD is the Result of Fluctuating Hormones and Neurotransmitters in the Brain

Her 38-year-old friend suffers from PMDD, a form of PMS in which the symptoms are even more marked. This woman does not want to take prescription SSRIs but struggles with mood... more

Is It Menopause Or Depression

Learn how a menopausal woman believes antidepressants are causing her sexual dysfunction.
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