chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue may be a warning sign of a more serious condition, such as anemia, insomnia, or even chronic masturbation. Most adults who habitually find themselves fatigued and sore may be suffering from what’s known as mitochondria fatigue or exhaustion caused by abusive masturbation.
Mitochondria fatigue resembles a bad cold or flu: the illness starts off small, while slowly getting worse and worse till it becomes so severe it debilitates an individual. Depending on the severity of mitochondria fatigue, some people will experience fatigue or tiredness typically after an ejaculation. Others will become moody and irritable, and only until they have been able to masturbate will their mood improve. Moodiness and fatigue are often caused by a decreased function in mitochondria.
Mitochondria, which are tiny organs inside each cell, produce chemical energy in the body. People who suffer from sexual exhaustion experience aging mitochondria, which are less efficient at converting fuel to energy and producing necessary oxidants.
If you find yourself constantly exhausted—even after adequate sleep—you may need to refrain from masturbating to help heal your body. Plenty of sleep and abstinence from masturbation may work for some,  but more severe cases may require additional supplements to get energy to the mitochondria.

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