burning vagina

Vaginal health is determined by proper hygiene practices, good diet, and healthy lifestyle choice. Because the vagina contains yeast particles that promote good vaginal health, women must care for the vaginal environment to prevent infections from taking hold. Poor vaginal health can lead to UTIs, chronic yeast infections, and repugnant vaginal discharge.
Women who suffer from a burning vaginal sensation can blame hormones as the prime culprit. Hormone shifts occur because of age, stress, or birth control pills. Because birth control medications stimulate the female reproductive system, these contraceptives overproduce prostaglandin E-2, an inflammatory hormone behind that burning sensation. Excessive amounts of prostaglandin E-2 weaken vaginal immunity and increase the risk for vaginal infections.
Vaginal RH Formula I can offer some relief. Liver strengthening and rejuvenating herbs such as Bupleurum Chinense, Rehmannia glutinosa, Dong Quai, and Fenugreek found in this formula increase the effectiveness of the detoxification process. Thanks to these herbs, toxins from birth control pills, alcohol, drug, and tobacco abuse will all be expelled from the body.  In addition, Black Cohosh, Dong Quai, Fenugreek, and Mexican Wild Yam will provide various phyto-hormones that will increase the good prostaglandin E-1 and reduce the bad prostaglandin E-2.

Vaginal Infection - Caused by Birth Control Medications

There are many factors that can result in vaginal infection. When the deficiency in the normal protective vaginal bacterial flora and T lymphocyte occurred, it would cause harmful... more

A Dilapidated Immune System Can Cause Vaginal Issues

Stress, exhaustion, hormonal imbalances, allergic reactions, and inflammatory responses can all weaken and leave the immune system in a dilapidated state. For women, poor hygiene and unsanitary conditions can expose their bodies to dangerous bacteria and viruses. Women who suffer from poor vaginal health due to the collated efforts of poor hygiene and chronic pleasure may want to consider taking Apis Mellifica. Read more

Ways for Improving Vaginal Hygiene & Wellness

Good vaginal hygiene prevents unhealthy vaginal discharge, odor, and infection. A simple daily vaginal cleaning can be performed by rinsing mild soap from your outer genital area after a shower. Dry the area thoroughly to prevent irritation. Included here are various tips and daily vaginal hygiene essentials that will help you to have a healthier vagina. Read more
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Douching For Vaginal Hygiene

Douching offers a means to cleanse the vagina of bacteria by using water, vinegar, baking soda, iodine, or herbal disinfectants.
Read more

Lactobacillus for a Healthy Vagina

Necessary bacteria, such as Lactobacillus, produce immunity over bad bacteria, forming a coalition against harmful bacteria and preventing an unhealthy colonization processes to occur. Natural methods, such as oral probiotics, can offer some respite from bacterial vaginosis symptoms, and thanks to current biomedical technology, scientists can develop oral probiotics to colonize and protect the vaginal tract.
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Starve Your Skin, Feel The Burn

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A Horny Couple Can’t Resist Not Having Sex Even with Her Severe Vaginal Infection

His wife suffers from vaginal discharge and she is getting no relief from antibiotics.

Chronic Bacterial Vaginosis has Caused Intercourse and Valva Pain

Her intake of birth control medication and overuse of a vibrator have caused vaginosis, vulvodynia and excessive vaginal discharge.
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