abnormal vaginal discharge

Well-balanced pH levels manage to impede vaginal discharge. When levels are unbalanced, discharge tends to appear. During a woman’s period, discharge is normal because of the lowered acidity levels caused by menstruation. Yet when women experience constant discharge, a poor diet, hormonal imbalances, and even excessive masturbation can all alter her body’s chemistry. Women with foul-smelling, cheesy discharge may want to try herbs to balance their hormones, increase immunity, and reduce vaginal infection.

Your Guide to Female Sexual Exhaustion

We often associate sexual exhaustion with over-ejaculation in men.  But engaging in too much sex or masturbation can also harm women.  Women have to be careful not to... more

The Pill’s Real Story: It Prevents Pregnancy and Stops PMS Symptoms, but Unwanted Side Effects include Vaginal Infection and Orgasm Dysfunction

The pill is the most commonly-used form of contraception among women. Its popularity is owed to a 91 percent effective rate at preventing pregnancy and the ability to manage PMS symptoms. But here’s the bigger picture: the pill causes dangerous side effects like increased risk of heart attack and blood clots. Many women also experience sexual dysfunction. For Carmen, who began taking the pills in college, birth control proved more damaging than PMS.

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Name That Symptom – Diagnosing Common Vaginal Issues

The vagina is a complex organism. What other body part has an entire aisle dedicated to it at the local pharmacy? A storing house for all manner of blood, mucus, urine, yeast and some fluids that haven't even been identified by science, the vagina causes women profound stress and frustration. When something goes wrong, i.e. an unidentified infection or odor, the vagina can terrify a woman. So it's important to understand what various symptoms can actually signify. 
What's Wrong With My Vagina? 
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Tackle Vaginal Dryness: Make Sex More Pleasurable
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Tai-Chi Vaginal Massaging For Odor & Discharges

Tai-Chi Vaginal Massaging is a technique described in the Suu-Nu-Ching (the first Mystic Chinese Sex Bible from 3500 years ago) and was developed for women with various vaginal abrasions, abnormal discharge, odor, and orgasm dysfunctions. The only prerequisite was that the male counterpart needed to have a firm erection to perform this technique successfully.
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Pueraria Mirifica: The Hormone Balancer

During menstruation, a woman starts to experience a dearth in hormone production. Her mood starts to change.
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Vaginal Infection Or Too Much Birth Control

Learn how a husband searches for answers about his wife's curious discharge and abdominal pains.

What’s Normal and Not: Excessive Vaginal Discharge Doesn’t Always Come with Other Symptoms

She stopped taking birth control after two years and, based on chunky white vaginal discharge, recently thought she suffered from a yeast infection. But she had no other symptoms... more

In Need of Answers – She Questions the Abnormal Discharge and Menstrual Cycle Now Afflicting Her

She suffers from reddish-brown discharge and irregular bleeding. Both problems have prompted her concern, and she now wonders if something is seriously wrong with her body. An... more
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