acetylcholine depletion - associated conditions

Impotence - Caused by Marijuana

Stop smoking weed to help eliminate your impotence woes.
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Impotence - Caused by Cocaine

Cocaine is destructive to the penile tissue and nerve endings. Find out how cocaine can ruin your erections.
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Premature Ejaculation - Caused by Thyroid Hormone Disorder

Hyperthyroidism, a condition caused by an overproduction of thyroid hormones, elevates hormone levels in the blood. An overactive thyroid gland produces excessive hormones, which deactivates the rest of your endocrine system – including your hypothalamus, pituitary and your testes

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Poor Multi-Tasking Ability - Caused by Over Masturbation

If you notice your ability to multi-task has diminished, it may be attributed to over masturbation. Find answers and solutions.
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