penis shrinkage - associated conditions

Penis Shrinkage - Caused by High Levels of Stress Hormones

Balance your stress hormones to stabilize your penile growth.
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Penis Pain & Injury - Caused by Broken Penis Syndrome

If you think you have a broken penis, find out what you can do to help repair your organ.
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Penis Pain & Injury - Caused by Penile Blood Vessel Damage

Blood vessels can lead to penile pain and injury. If you suffer from penile injuries, learn how repairing the blood vessels can be your solution.
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Penis Curvature - Caused by Forceful Masturbation

If you are suffering from penis curvature, you may be masturbating in excess. Learn how to stop the curvature today.
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Penis Shrinkage - Caused by Restrictive Clothing

Find out the dangers of wearing restrictive clothing as a teenager.
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Penis Pain & Injury - Caused by Dangerous Sex Positions

Dangerous sex positions can lead to penile injuries. If you've been injured by a dangerous sex position, find a solution today.
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Penis Shrinkage - Caused by Weight Gain

You are what you eat; your sex life is what you feed it. Believe it or not, diet, exercise and even lifestyle choices—smoking and drinking--determine how voracious you are in the bedroom. According to the World Health Organization, 1.4 billion adults were overweight in 2008, and because increases in body fat lowers testosterone, males will often experience decreases in libido—and a reduction in penile length.

Weight, Sex and Length
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Your Guide to Penis Shrinkage & Atrophy

Life is short, and in times of despair, it feels long. Your penis may follow a similar pattern: short, but when it gets hard—long. And while most men are born with a naturally gifted size, a few begin with an average size penis (which according to the Atlantic Wire tends to measure around 5.5 inches) and slowly experience shrinkage.

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Penile Enlargement for Aging Men

Mark Twain said that age was merely an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter. Penis size is an issue of matter over mind. If it matters, you mind. And as a man ages, he will notice a change in the length and width of his penis. While aging remains unavoidable, penile shrinkage because of age can be reversed and even prevented.

Age, Hormones, and Shrinkage
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