Vibrating Mustache: A Solution for Orgasm Dysfunction

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By Richard Bonilla Maybe helpful for: Women's Orgasm Difficulty

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Females love men with mustaches. Girls love to feel the prickly sensation against their lips during intimate kisses. Some women enjoy the tingly sensation of a man’s whiskers between their thighs. And some women enjoy the stimulation a few hairs can create during oral sex. Now imagine if a mustache could vibrate during oral sex. Imagine how intense your orgasms would feel. Think of how loud you could scream with both a vibrator and a tongue between your thighs.
Go ahead, daydream about it.
For ladies who notice their partners lacking in the oral department, a vibrating mustache can add to the stimulation lacking in the bedroom. Your partner’s technique might be terrible, but the vibrating motions of the device can make even a poorly performed experience a memorable one.
Orgasm Difficulties
Most ladies experience orgasm troubles because of poor technique. Other gals tend to see poor orgasms because of high stress levels, damage to the nerve endings or medications. For ladies who lack orgasms because of poor technique, frustration can mount. Men who consistently carry out poor performances can place their sexual livelihoods in jeopardy.
Regaining Your Sexual Abilities: A Solution for Poor Technique
Think of these mustaches as vibrators with human tongues attached to them. Most women love their vibrators (when their partners are away, of course). Vibrators lack the moisture, movement and power of a tongue. A mustache that vibrates excites and entertains that idea of motions and moisture that excites any gal. These little devices too
  • Improve a female’s orgasm
  • Dual as vibrating oral pleasure for males
  • Enhance technique
For males lacking in technique and females looking for excitement, a vibrating mustache can provide the mixture of pleasure and fun. So men, if you want to give her a bit of excitement, give her what she’s missing. 

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MustachiO Vibe Pink - 1 pc
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