Vaginal Douching: Easy & Safe Solution for Yeast Infections

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Belonging to the kingdom of Fungi, yeast contains over 1,500 species found in everything from bread to alcohol to even a woman’s vagina. While the yeast in bread and alcohol might not cause any harm, the yeast found in a woman’s vagina can. For ladies, the vagina contains ample traces of yeast, and thanks to the acidic nature of the vagina, the organ can keep yeast and other bacteria stabilized. While keeping yeast from growing into a fully-fledged infection, ladies can either clean their bodies during a shower or douche.

Origins of Douches
During the late 1700s, the word douche, which originates from the French word doccia or “conduit pipe,” took form. In the early 1900s, individuals saw the first modern vaginal douche designed to clean the vagina from impurities. And similar to past models, vaginal douches required participants to mix water, vinegar and antiseptic chemicals to eliminate bacteria. While mixing the three may provide results, we recommend individuals skip the use of vinegar and antiseptics for non-alkaline soaps. Why? Because douching remains safe, using vinegar and antiseptics can irritate the vagina, cause infections and damage the balance of chemicals present inside the organ.
Safer Mixing for Better Results
Ladies interested in using vaginal douches should mix the following to clean the vagina:
  1. Room-temperature water. Hot water can irritate and cause an imbalance in pH levels inside the vagina.
  2. Non-Alkaline Soap: Unlike vinegar and antiseptic chemicals, non-alkaline soap does not encourage an imbalance of pH levels. Instead, non-alkaline maintains the delicate balance of pH levels to ensure bacteria remains at bay.
Together these both liquids and cleaning methods can provide a relatively safe alternative to douching, helping ladies eliminate any smells, bacteria and possible outcomes of reaching contracting a vaginal infection. Ladies who want recommendations on products ideal for vaginal douching should look below.



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