SOS Herbal Remedies For Fast Release Ejaculation with High Blood Pressure

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Most men with hypertension know and understand the complications: increased risk for heart attack, kidney disease, poor blood supply to the legs, and even problems with sight. Yet few men are aware that high blood pressure and hypertension drugs can also cause another unwanted complication—premature ejaculation. The good news is that powerful herbs synergized together to help to repair and rejuvenates damaged blood vessels and nerve endings caused by high blood pressure.

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Formulated Based On These Healing Herbs:
Formula Breakdown
Healing herbs in this formula strengthen the parasympathetic nerve endings and assists the body in rebounding from lowered testosterone levels. The rejuvenation of the parasympathetic nerve endings helps a man maintain an ejaculation for longer, while the proliferation of testosterone will aid in stronger erections and increased sex drive.
Cong Rong Cistanche (Cistanches Desertecolae) is one of the most-used energized herbs in Asia. Recent scientific analysis has found several potent molecules such as cistanosides, beta-sitosterol, tubuloside, and phenylethanoid glycosides to have profound influences on the endocrine and nervous systems controlling ejaculation.

Animal studies have shown that Con Rong Cistanche actually can enhance endurance and potential in swimming and survival experiments. Scientists are still trying to work out the molecular model of how phenylethanoid glycosides of the Cistanche enhance the nervous system and increase the ability for ejaculation control.

Nacre is involved in the complicated mineralization and formation of oyster shells. It is interesting to note that Nacre also closely mimics the biological processes involved in the formation of human bones. The key nutrients in Nacre are beneficial to the uptake, transport, and recruitment of calcium ion channels that are critical for ejaculation valve nerves. Men with weak ejaculation valve nerves can't restrain ejaculation at will.

Grape Seed has rich content of polyphenol that integrate well with many herbs to neutralize damaging toxins such as free radicals in the penis blood vessels. Grape seed oil extract can be applied externally to dilate blood vessel allowing more blood flow and reduce blood pressure which often triggered premature ejaculation. [1]

Dr. Kappagoda from the Department of Internal Medicine at UC Davis has published research demonstrating how vasodilator phenolic compounds in Grape Seed extracts can lower blood pressure. Both the systolic and diastolic blood pressures were lowered after treatment with grape seed extracts--a sharp contrast to when a placebo was used.[1][2]

Tribulus (Tribulus Terrestris) functions as an adoptagen that modulates the body’s ability to produce adequate testosterone suitable for an individual to achieve a normal erection. Excess testosterone can leads to the production of dihydrotesterone (DHT), which can cause premature ejaculation if not altered.

Combined Benefits
This formula also contains many other natural botanical components such as Atractylodes (Atractylodes Macrocephala), Jujube, Astragalus Complanatus, Fructus Rosae Laevigatae, and Cornus. According to Traditional Chinese Medical Textbook, the mixture of Astragalus Complanatus, Cornus, Jujube, Nacre, Atractylodes Macrocephala, and Cistanche revitalize the weak gential nerves due to blood circulation problems.

Modern research found that these herbs blend together to rejuvenate and repair the ejaculation nerves and stimulate the body to produce nitric oxide needed for lasting erection.

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LastLonger IV - Rejuven Calm & MegaNatural BP, (Rejuven Natural)
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  1. ^Sivaprakasapillai B, Edirisinghe I, Randolph J, Steinberg F, Kappagoda T., Effect of grape seed extract on blood pressure in subjects with the metabolic syndrome., Metabolism. 2009 Dec;58(12):1743-6.
  2. ^Kar P, Laight D, Rooprai HK, Shaw KM, Cummings M. "Effects of grape seed extract in Type 2 diabetic subjects at high cardiovascular risk: a double blind randomized placebo controlled trial examining metabolic markers, vascular tone, inflammation, oxidative stress and insulin sensitivity." Diabet Med. 2009 26(5):526-31.



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william758 posted on Tue, 09/11/2012 - 17:03
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I wonder if this would help me gain back my erections caused by high blood pressure medicine like Plavix??
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Zadck2112 posted on Sun, 10/14/2012 - 21:36
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It's so sad, high blood pressure is the same cause for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. My uncle is taking irregular heart rhythm drugs that hurt his eraction big time! His wife left him for that (financial problem too). Can non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain medication and irregular heart rhythms drugs also cause prejaculation problems?
Alex Narko's picture
Alex Narko posted on Thu, 09/26/2013 - 10:03
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High blood pressure runs in the family and after having a scare I looked into all the different types of damage that high blood pressure might have on the body. When I found out that it was possible to cause weak erections and fast ejaculations I was going crazy! This explained so much and it was a bitter sweet moment when figuring these things out. I am so glad I don't have to deal with any of it anymore.

I decided to take LastLonger IV to help me be able to feel normal again and have strong erections and actually last long. I was given just that by taking that. I feel like a brand new man with a brand new penis. I have more control over my ejaculations and my penis is much stronger.
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mrredalert4 posted on Mon, 12/29/2014 - 12:28
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I have got to try these.  I've been dealing with high blood pressure and kidney disease for a while.  I noticed also immediately when starting my blood pressure meds what it did to my libido.  I thought it was a tough ending to my sex life.  I realized not taking these meds could cause a lot more damage than good and be rather foolish.  So it had me in a depressing state even though life is more important it sure dampen things knowing a combination of BP problems and the drugs that corrected the symptoms would taint my libido.  Definitely glad there are herbs and alternatives out there to reverse the damage and revive your libido


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Alex posted on Fri, 01/02/2015 - 10:44
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They are available for reasons like that because you can take some of them along with your medications. The best thing would be when  you have made your choice of herb to help boost your sex drive, you can show it to your doctor to check for compatibility of the herbs with your medication.
Good luck! Stay healthy my friend.
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