Sex Mints: A Breath of Energy for Females

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By Richard Bonilla Maybe helpful for: Women's Low Sex Drive

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Here are four reasons females have better orgasms than men:
  1. Women experience pulsating orgasms that last  longer
  2. Ladies don’t need to contend with long refractory periods between orgasms
  3. Again, see reason number 3
  4. Ladies don’t fall asleep after climaxing
For men an orgasm ends as quickly as it starts. With a few fellow thrusts, a moan and a jolt of pleasure, men can finish before a woman reaches her peak. Even worse, males can fall asleep soon after that makes any encore impossible. Still, ladies too can experience a lack of energy from stress, exhaustion and worry. Ladies, unlike males, seem invariably affected by stress or worry. Intense stress and anxiety can prevent a woman from reaching her climax. For the exhausted lady, a few mints can help keep the energy levels high, and the sex going well into the night.
Sex Mints: For Longer, More Passionate Sex
For ladies, external issues can influence and affect an orgasm. Outside sources can deplete a woman from ever achieving a notable climax, including exhaustion. Some ladies can fake an orgasm just to go back to sleep. Other women tend to blame exhaustion for their lack of enthusiasm during sex. And according to studies and reports, exhaustion leads to the number one cause for quick, boring sex. Ladies interested engaging in sex with meaning and passion can pop a few sex mints for a boost in energy and sexual desire. With added levels of energy, women can experience
  • Improved desire
  • Intimacy from longer sex sessions
  • Elevated satisfaction from sex
So ladies, if you’ve noticed your energy lacking of late, a few sex mints can give you the desire and passion for a memorable experience. 

What to get

69 Arouse Her Mint - 1 pc
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Cream / Gel
Sex Energy+Chocolate Espresso Mints Her - 0.7 oz
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Sex Energy+Chocolate Mints Her - 0.7 oz
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