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It can express love, affection, friendship, happiness and sexual attraction. It’s the one gesture that can signify multiple meanings. What is it? The kiss. Every romantic relationship starts with a kiss. Pictures idolize the gesture. Poets glorify the act. Even movies exemplify how a single kiss can lead to a wonderful relationship. For all its forms and styles, the kiss remains the single most important initiator of sex. Your lips and tongue can excite your partner in ways no other part of your body can. The start of memorable sex begins with a kiss. Perfecting the kiss takes practice, but enhancing the act requires a single item—kissing balm.
The Kiss: It’s History
The origins of the kiss remain sketchy, but many anthropologists suggest the gesture was formed out of kissing feeds, where mothers would chew food and kiss their infants to pass along food. Ancient poets even described kisses shared with both opened and closed tongues. Today, kisses carry various intentions and styles, from the Eskimo kiss to show love to the French kiss to express romance. Whether it’s for love or romance, couples will share plenty of kisses before, during and after sex.
Lip Balm: Improved Sex
Kissing takes practices. Each person enjoys variations of kisses. Some like to slide the tongue side to side; others enjoy rolling the tongue in the circular motion; and a few love to suck on the tongue. Whether it’s sucking or moving the tongue side to side, pleasure will depend on your partner’s personal preference. If you lack skill, and look as if you are administering CPR while kissing, balm can make you look like an expert. Plus, the added benefit of lip balm can include
  • Elevated sense of touch
  • Enhanced stimulation
  • Improved foreplay
Each touch of your lips will excite your partner. Each stroke of your tongue and touch of your mouth will send her into a frenzy. For males and females lacking in the kissing department, a few layers of kissing balm can enhance your stimulation and your partner’s.

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