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Retrograde Ejaculation is untreatable by any sort of prescription-grade medication. Antidepressants are often prescribed to combat ejaculation disorder, but no drug helps stop Retrograde Ejaculations. Still, doctors do prescribe drugs that affect the bladder-neck muscle, which become constricted and theoretically help overcome Retrograde Ejaculation. Some success with indirect treatment has been reported but prolonged use has often resulted in detrimental side effects.

Prescription Drugs Used For Retrograde Ejaculation




Chlorpheniramine, brompheniramine Anti-histamine
Pseudoephedrine, phenylephrine Decongestant

Contact your doctor immediately if the side effects of these drugs are affecting the quality of life or worsening your erectile dysfunction. After years of taking antidepressants, some men experience severe complications leading to the complete loss of erection function and sex drive.
Revealing the cause of retrograde ejaculation is the key to recovery. Potential causes of RE involve complications from Diabetes, surgery of the prostate and bladder, or Multiple Sclerosis.

Prescription drugs
Antidepressants, high blood pressure, and prostate medications can actually cause Retrograde Ejaculation. Prescriptions specific to RE can cause side effect reactions when combined with other medications. If you have linked your prescriptions to Retrograde Ejaculation, contact your doctor immediately before the condition becomes worse and irreversible.  

Herbal Solutions
Herbal blend of Ashwagandha, Bitter Melon, American Ginseng, Ostrea Gigas, Pyrola, and Saraparailla relieves side effects of diabetes and improve the symptoms of RE. Changes to diet can be important, too; consider substituting sugar with natural sweeteners, such as Stevia, Xylitol, Lo Han, or maple syrup. Following beneficial effects are expected from herbal blend:
  • Rejuvenate ejaculatory & bladder nerves damaged by diabetes 
  • Reduce side effects of antidepressant and antipsychotic medications
  • Provides nutrients to recover from prostate surgery complication
Energy & Qi Gong Solutions
Harmonic Qi Gong is a powerful way to channel your bio-energy to the injured areas of your body. For centuries Harmonic Qi Gong has been a practice of Tao Masters and Buddhist monks. Adapted versions of Qi Gong have spread throughout different regions of the world. Masters of the Art from Tibet, China, and India have combined Qi Gong with meditation and incorporated the practice into their religion. Today, it is possible for anyone to learn Harmonic Qi Gong and channel the internal repair mechanisms for better health and recovery.

What to get

Overcome Erectile Dysfunction Caused By Diabetes - Curculigo Master & Bitter Melon, (Proactive Natural)
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Pills American Ginseng, Ashwagandha, Cnidium, Curculigo, Cuscuta, Cynomorium, Dong Quai, Mucuna Pruriens, Ostrea Gigas, Pyrola, Sarsaparilla



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Nicholas AQ posted on Thu, 05/09/2013 - 11:38
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Prescription drugs ruined my sex life. I thought they were going to be helping my fertility and instead they gave me a lot of side effects. I couldn't wake up from good sleep. It was always really painful waking up because of neck pain that was caused by the prescriped drugs. I stopped use and have moved on to natural solution with no side effects.
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mxffiles posted on Thu, 12/15/2016 - 00:25
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