Pre-Sex Hygiene: A Solution for Every Man and Woman

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After sex, men fall into two categories: the sleepers and the eaters. Some fall asleep; others, scavenge for foods. Before you’re snoring or digging through the fridge, you’re prepping for sex. You're developing your strategy, chalking up a move set and hoping you smell great. While you may arrive mentally prepared, your body shows up stinky, sweaty and smelling of foulness. Sometimes you forget to shower.

Sometimes you just came back from sweltering in the sun. And when you least expect it, your partner is grabbing your hips, touching your crotch or kissing you to signify, “I want you…and I want you now!” And if you’re not as clean as you would like, a few hygiene products can freshen you up before sex.  
First, The Importance of Hygiene
A shower  eliminates most of the filth covering your body. Uncircumcised men are told to pull their foreskin back to remove skin cells and oils building underneath, while ladies are instructed to clean the vagina often to prevent signs of yeast infections.
Chances remain high that most couples who have sex don’t stop the action and tell their partner’s, “Wait, let me shower first.” Sex tends to just happen, and all men and women can do is hope that their bodies smell and feel clean. Sometimes you get lucky, other times you don’t.
Lotions and Wipes
When you don’t want to hop in the shower, you’re stuck with two choices: Pray you smell your best or use a hygiene product to cover up the scent. You’d be best going with the hygiene products that eliminate odors. Plus, these wipes and lotions work with your body’s chemistry to allow you to have sex without irritating the skin. The benefits of these products include
  • Instant cleanliness
  • Improved self-consciousness
  • Neutralizing scents and sprays that control odors
For men and women looking to make a lasting impression without fear or worry that they’ll smell like sweat, hygiene wipes and products can offer a easy, cheap solution. Keep these products in the bathroom or in your over-night bag to use with your partner.

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