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Recovering from a Penis Injury
Recovery from a penile injury is often a slow process. Unlike other bodily injuries, the delivery of nutrients to the penile soft tissue is not efficient. The soft tissue requires months of nutritional aid in order to recover properly. Bruising, scaring, and even fractures need constant nutrients in order to heal properly. Months and months of aid will be necessary, but if done correctly and daily, the penis can return to its normal shape, size and strength.

Some penis injuries are often overlooked and forgotten. But negative factors such as aging arteries, excessive masturbation, aging or hormonal imbalances can further traumatize the penis and result in impotence.

What It Is Formulated To Do:
Formulated To Fix Broken & Injured Penis Based On These Healing Herbs: 
Formula Breakdown
Healing herbs are known to accelerate the repair and rejuvenation process of damaged tissues inside the penile chambers. Cornus Officinalis, Atractylodes Macrocephala, Alima Plantago, Opiopogon, Astragalus Membranaceus, and Cimicifuga directly or indirectly replenish the nerve and tissue growth factors that help stimulate the rejuvenation and restoration process, thereby shortening the lengthy repair and response process that often takes months.




Soft Tissue Repair Astragalus Membranaceus, Cornus Officinalis, Fo-Ti
Nerve Growth Factors Cornus Officinalis , Atractylodes Macrocephala, Alima Plantago
Neurotransmitters Replenishment Astragalus Membranaceus, Scrophularia
Nitric Oxide Boost Guarana Seed, Schisandra Chinensis
Tissue Growth Factors Opiopogon, Astragalus Membranaceus, Cimicifuga
Penile Tissue Circulation Schisandra Chinensis, Astragalus Membranaceus
Penile Chamber Tissue Rhodiola Rosea, Atractylodes Macrocephala, Milk Thristle

Through synergy, this herbal blend can help improve circulation within the penile chamber tissue and help repair venous leaks caused by injury, which is the leading cause behind unsustainable erections. Many herbs in this blend also boost nitric oxide, nerve growth factors, and neurotransmitter production to assist in repairing and restoring soft tissue.

What to get

Kanabo Repair Xtreme - Natural Recuperation Formula, 60 tabs, (Proactive Natural)
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Pills Alisma Plantago, Astragalus Membranaceus, Atractylodes Macrocephala, Cornus, Guarana, Milk Thistle, Rhodiola, Schisandra



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Ian2000 posted on Thu, 05/09/2013 - 11:42
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This is the best rejuvenation ever. I had tried increasing the size of my erection with a penis pump and I was getting results in the beginning. Once I would stop pumping for a few days because I thought I was done I noticed that my erection size was smaller than it was before I started using the pump.

I went out to immediately find something to restore my erection back to normal and this rejuvenation remedy worked for me. My erection size has been fully restored and I have even noticed it's a bit bigger than the original. Finally some growth. Now I will try natural solution for increasing the size.

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wisunshin posted on Thu, 09/05/2013 - 18:32
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I have been taking nerve fix, repair xtreme,curculo master for 9 days and still not seen no recovery,my penis still hard flaccid,cold,numb,the head look dead,and dry,and my erections still weak and i cant hod it and i have loose sensivilty,and i also have semen leaked and my penis is curving alot to the left all this cause by penis exercise,extender device,and masturvation can it be cure and how long it will take????

Wilfri castillo

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