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Reading can save your marriage, your relationship, and even your poor, dilapidated sex life. One book can transform a meaningless, boring love life into one filled with adventures, sexual fulfillment and happiness. The power of one sex book can lament years of poor performances and dull sexual experiences. One book, filled with the knowledge of certified sexperts, can help any man, no matter his erectile size, technique or endurance, give a girl what all girls want: an orgasm. 
Men who for years have suffered from an inability to consistently help a woman reach an orgasm can finally find comfort. Men can feel accomplished, victorious, thrilled to hear their partners scream, sweat and palpate during and after an orgasm. One book, no matter how small, can provide a man decades of knowledge, techniques and advice to understanding and conquering the female anatomy. 
How Reading Helps
NFL players always proclaim that victory starts in the film room. Studying your opponent’s tendencies, plays and previous victories gives a player insight. Using that same mentality of studying tendencies and previous victories gives males insight as to the best methods for pleasuring women. Think of books as condensed cheat sheets designed to help males understand the female anatomy. Men who use the methods outlined in books and carry those tips into the bedroom elevate their chances of success, while improving the relationship in and out of the bedroom.
Book Types to Save Your Marriage
You might not see these books listed under the “psychology” section of your local bookstore or library, but books about sexual intimacy can save your marriage. These type of books include
  • Her-intimacy books
  • Orgasm books
  • Romance books
Books to Improve Your Sex Life
Stay married or in a relationship long enough and you’ll grow bored of sex. You’ll go from having sex five to six times a week to five to six times a year. For young couples, the thought of sex growing stale seems asinine, but according to studies and reports, men and women in long-term relationships report fewer sexual encounters as the years pass. When you do notice boredom, however, you can pick up helpful book types to keep the sex as thrilling as when you first met. These books include
  • Karma Sutra
  • Sex positions
  • Massage options
Improve-Your-Technique Books
You might assume your technique is great today. You’re a fool to believe your technique will encumber the same passion and skill as the years progress. Techniques grow stale, and routines deter from the pleasure of sex. You’ll need to find methods to keep your partner happy, and these books will ensure you add variety to your weaning bag of tricks. Technique books can help
  • Improve foreplay
  • Offer tips on oral
  • Keep romance in and out of the bedroom alive
For men looking to keep the wife happy, a few books can provide plenty of techniques, tips and stories to make for not only a good read but a fun adventure inside the bedroom. If your love life could use a boost, check out what you can find.


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