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The Dangers of Cigarettes
Lung cancer, heart disease, increased stroke risk and poor circulation are all common risk factors attributed to smoking. Most people have heard of these common factors, but few have ever heard of cigarettes negatively affecting sex.

Remember, sex is a chemical process. It requires the proper functioning of serotonin, dopamine, testosterone, blood pressure and the parasympathetic nerve to power an erection. Ruin or alter any of theses chemical processes and the body will experience impotence or sudden loss of erection during intercourse.
What the Research Shows
 Nicotine causes blood vessels to clamp down and hamper peripheral circulation. With  hampered circulation, the penis cannot obtain the necessary blood to power an erection. Once the penis starts to receive lower blood supplies, weak erections and impotence occur. Because smoking damages the blood vessels, most youth who have reported signs of impotence are habitual smokers.

Damaged blood vessels aside, smoking too causes an imbalance in serotonin, a chemical that stimulates the parasympathetic nerves. The parasympathetic nerves control stimulation. When stimulation is not produced, the penis cannot gain enough sensation for an erection.
Homeopathic & Herbal Solutions
Homeopathic and herbal ingredients are beneficial for smokers. They fix the damaged penile tissues and expel toxic tobacco residues. Below is an overview of each herb and its purpose in the formula:
  • Cistanche - repairs damaged erectile tissues and enhances quality of erection. 
  • Epimedium Grandiflorum - restores nitric oxide production for a firm erection.
  • Tribulus Terrestis - increases testosterone naturally.
  • Lobelia Inflata – creates a sense of aversion toward tobacco taste. You can take up to 3 pellets of 6c lobelia to quell the craving.
  • Tabacum – expels tobacco residue in the body that can damage serotonin production.You can take 30c twice a day for a week; please consult your physician for optimal dosage.
  • Nux Vomicarelieves some of the withdrawal symptoms such as headache, irritability and constipation.
  • Rehmannia Glutinosa and Mucuna Pruiens - increase detoxification process that aid the expel of toxins
If smoking continues to ruin your sex life, it's time to find solutions that will be right for you.

What to get

Erection Boom & Smoking Control Complete Pack, (Proactive Natural)
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Pills Cistanche, Epimedium, Licorice, Lobelia, Lycium, Mucuna Pruriens, Rehmannia, Tribulus, Wintergreen
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Pills Cistanche, Epimedium, Licorice, Lycium, Mucuna Pruriens, Rehmannia, Tribulus, Wintergreen



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kole way posted on Wed, 10/17/2012 - 10:12
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I found myself smoking a ton of cigs when I used to smoke marijuana. When I didn't have marijuana in my posession I would just turn to cigs for that little effect. It felt so good but I found my sex life going down when I used to smoke. Now that I am smoke free thanks to the help of Smoke Out, sex has been so great. I am definitely sticking to never smoking again.
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nick tong posted on Thu, 02/28/2013 - 11:03
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Who would have had any idea that regular smoking would mess you up badly. I thought it was just killing you slowly. Now it will give you sexual problems? That is horrible!
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