Natural Solutions For Foreskin Restoration

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The foreskin is designed to protect the penis throughout a man's life. When a man is circumcised, he loses the protection that is essential to protecting the nerves on the head of the penis. The surface of the gland is not skin but a thin mucus membrane. When exposed to the constant friction and abrasion of clothing or the harshness of air-drying, the penis loses sensitivity because the gland naturally develops and substitutes a layer of protective tissue to make up for the lack of foreskin.

Manual Stretching
There are many ways to manually stretch the foreskin. Manual stretching is a better way to restore the foreskin than by using some store-bought device. It loosens up the tightly circumcised foreskin and makes it ready for more advanced restoration techniques.

Common manual stretching methods are: Fast Stretch with 2 Fingers, Squeezing With Fingers, and Middle Fingers Pull & Stretch. Basically, manual stretching involves your fingers and hands stretching any remains of circumcised foreskin. Stretching manually is a good way to start on the pathway to foreskin restoration. When incorporated into the stretching regiment, additional supplemental accessories such as moisturizers, tape, and natural formulas often increase the pace of recovery.

Tips On Manual Stretching:
  • Always sanitize both of your hands
  • Do not stretch your foreskin if you have an open cut or bruised penis
  • Stretch slowly if you have tightly circumcised foreskin
  • Do not over stretch your foreskin to hasten the result

The manual stretching technique is cost-effective and works well for beginners. Unfortunately, most people are not able to persist with the exercise. They get lazy and often get tired of stretching after two weeks. For most, it will take at least 12 to 28 weeks of stretching before enough foreskin can cover the gland without incurring any injury.

Stretching Device
A Foreskin Stretching Device is the best alternative to reconstructive surgery. It naturally expands and stretches the original tissue while stimulating the mitosis of cell division for the new regenerated tissues. [1]

The idea of foreskin stretching is not new. Many primitive cultures practiced custom soft tissue expansion of the ears, lips, nose and other parts of the body for religious devolution and aesthetic attraction.

Do not overstretch. Any discomfort or painful sensation serves as a warning sign. Give your foreskin plenty of rest between each stretching session.

Beware of the plastic material of stretching devices. Some may cause allergic reactions or irritation if the plastic becomes worn out.

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Foreskin restoration is a really hard process. To some it may seem like an impossible task but it is actually possible. The natural solutions listed in this article are all great ways to help restore the skin. Stretching is really great and actually works. Although it might take some time.
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