Natural & Organic Tampons for Vaginal Hygiene

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The vagina is continually self-cleansing, washing away dead cells and bacteria.  But standard tampons absorb the natural fluids needed to keep the vagina clean and moist. Natural alternatives to tampons such as the sea sponge, menstrual cup, and other organic absorbents are better than chemically synthesized fibers or pads made of Dioxin.

Dioxin Toxins 
Currently, most tampons are made of cotton, rayon, or other synthetic fibers for the purpose of keeping costs low. Dioxins are harmful organic chemicals produced during a bleaching process. Manufacturers of the tampons claim their products are safe and that the dioxins are only present in minute levels.
Since tampons come in contact with very sensitive and absorbent vaginal tissues, how much dioxin a woman actually absorbs into her body varies from person to person. Long term or high level exposure of dioxins can lead to skin disorders, liver problems, immune dysfunctions, infertility, and possible hormonal and sexual dysfunction.

The reason that dioxins are so harmful to women (and the environment!) is their long half-life: 11 years! If you have a weak liver, dioxins can stay active and present in your body for a long time without breaking down. In fact, they will continue to accumulate over time, until your body can’t handle it.

High-Asorbency Tampons & TSS 
It was reported that certain high-absorbency tampons are the indirect cause of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). Scientists speculate that high absorbency tampons are prone to dry the vaginal tissues, resulting in abrasions and small lesions that allow certain deadly bacterial toxins into the blood stream. These high-absorbency tampons have since been removed from the market.

Organic Tampons
Research studies have found that tampons cause micro-ulcerations of the vaginal tissue, possibly due to the chemical materials of their pesticide-grown cotton.  Pesticides also cause damage to the soil, water, and air. Most organic tampons use cotton grown without toxic chemicals and are certified ‘organic’ by the authority. The price of these tampons is a bit higher, but organic cotton is safer for you, safer for farmers to grow, and safer for our environment.
Sea Sponge Tampons
Unlike standard tampons that absorb the natural fluids needed to keep the vagina clean and moist, Sea Pearls Deluxe Kit and Usable Tampons are completely natural sea sponge tampons containing no Dioxin or synthetic fibers. Safe and reusable for six months or more, Sea Pearls are healthy, economical, easy to use, and earth-friendly.



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Lillian Proctor posted on Fri, 01/11/2013 - 11:06
Average: 5 (1 vote)
This is a great way to do things. I really believe in natural products and natural ways. I am glad there are a lot of natural things out there, especially tampons. The best way to take care of yourself is naturally. I am glad there are natural tampons so I don't have to get toxins in me.
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