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Exhaustion Elevates Stress Hormone Levels
Anyone who has experienced a migraine knows how debilitating these severe headaches can be. A migraine can ruin an entire day and leave a person cowering underneath the sheets and avoiding all sunlight, noise, and people.

Bight lights, skipped meals, and even alcohol consumption can all cause the contraction of blood vessels. Once the brain arteries reduce the flow of blood, a migraine will ensue. Bright lights, skipped meals, and even an occasional puff of a cigarette are not the only reasons migraines occur, hormones and stress make for the two most important factors.

People with high levels of stress hormones, i.e. cortisol, may be suffering from sexual exhaustion (or depletion of hormones critical to cerebrovascular health) that might explain the higher frequency of migraines.

Feverfew To The Rescue
Feverfew, which has a high concentration of puracol parthenoilid, can decrease the release of serotonin from platelets and certain white blood cells. Because of the decreased release of serotonin, Feverfew can cause blood vessels to tone properly thus reducing spasms. [1][2]

Feverfew also inhibits histamines and influences the production of prostaglandin and arachidonic acids, processes that contribute to pain and inflammation. If you frequently experience migraines or headaches within 24 hours after sexual activity, you need herbal supplementation to help balance and expel the over-produced sex hormones that trigger blood vessel constriction.

Scientific Explanations Behind Migraine Caused By Sexual Exhaustion
Taking birth control pills, prescription drugs, or performing in excessive sexual activities can harm the balance of hormone production. For example, excessive and prolonged masturbation can deplete serotonin and produce a bevy of stress hormones and prolactin.

Excessive prolactin will combine with cortisol, another prevalent stress hormone found in the body, to lock up the pituitary-adrenal and testicular function. The excess prolactin/cortisol combination will lead to a deficiency of androgen hormones as well as to the constriction, inflammation, and delayed recovery of blood vessels, tissue, and nerves.

Let Natural Formulas Help You
Restorative and calming herbs such as Ashwagandha, Mucuna pruiens, Passion Flower, Muira puama, Fenugreek, and Shilajit help modulate stress hormones, GABA, and serotonin to stop pressure in the frontal and parietal lobes of the brain. Stop these debilitating migraines today with Natural Headache & Migraine Relief Formula.

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tarapapi posted on Tue, 03/05/2013 - 11:53
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As someone that used to suffer from headaches because I achieved orgasms I am glad I have overcome that problem in my life. Now it's time to share my experiences and move on to tackle the next problem. After all, none of us are perfect right? I used to masturbate a lot as a  young woman and I saw the consequences later in life. I realized I could only achieve an orgasm with no problem about once every few weeks. It would hurt too much to do it and I would stop before achieving orgasm. Now I am happy to say that all that pain is gone. Take notes with this article. Explains pretty much what I went through.
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