Natural Erection Restoration with Omega 3 and CoQ10

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Effective for Lowering LDL
Statin drugs are an effective means for lowering cholesterol (LDL). They slow the progression of atherosclerosis, but block the synthesis of both CoQ 10 and liver steroid enzymes while inhibiting HMG-CoA reductase that is involved in the production of cholesterol in the liver. Long-term CoQ 10 deficiencies result in less anti-oxidation protection that can lead to heart diseases.
What It Is Formulated To Do:
  • Fixes soft erection problems caused by prescription drugs
  • Improves blood flow to erectile tissues
  • Helps sustain erections for longer
  • Increases nitric oxide production without side effects
  • Provides oxidative protection to aging or damaged penis tissues
Formulated To Fix Erection Problems Caused By High Cholesterol Based On These Healing Herbs: 
Why Else Are LDL Drugs Bad?
By trying to lower LDL, statin drugs also inhibit the liver steroid enzymes that are involved in the production of androgen hormones, i.e., DHEA, androstenedione, and testosterone. For males, lowered androgen hormones means a reduction in sexual desires as well as the quality of an erection. The body must naturally replenish and stimulate sex hormones in the body.
Let Mother Nature Help You
Many well-known rejuvenating and adoptogenic herbs such as:

Cuscuta – Increase blood flow to corpora cavernosa of the penis
Butea Superba – Help to produce testosterone naturally in the body
Pyrola – Balance various sex hormones to work optimally.
Epimedium – Increase libido and sustain erection for a longer period
Cynomorium – Provides nutrients for the wellness of penis chamber (corpus cavernosum)

Increase testosterone levels naturally, while reenergizing your sex drive and erection quality. If you suffer from high cholesterol and weak erections, take Natural Erection Restoration.

What to get

Healthy Way to Overcome Impotence Caused by Cholesterol Drug - 60 tab + 60 softgel, (Proactive Natural)
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Pills Butea Superba, CoQ10, Cuscuta, Cynomorium, Epimedium, Maca, Omega 3, Pyrola



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Elliot777 posted on Thu, 05/09/2013 - 16:42
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With my high cholesterol history I was already taking CoQ10 but I did not know that Omega 3 would help as well. Although I don't have all the problems mentioned on here I would much rather keep my body healthy so they won't all happen. Maybe I will have a stronger erection. You never know ;)
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