Lasso Your Penis Toward a Harder Erection

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Prepare to unleash your inner cowboy as you’ll be hogtying your penis. You might not have a cowboy hat or matching boots, but this small lasso will wrangle in stronger erections for improved stimulation. Cowboys who struggle to maintain a hard erection, or boys who just want a harder erection, will notice the improvement a little lasso can make over the penis. So giddy up partner, and prepare for a harder erection for even better sex.
Why a Lasso
As men age, one thing becomes apparent: Your body will fail you. No matter how well maintained you keep your body, eventually, something will start to fail. For men, age starts to wear down the functionality of the penis. Males who once enjoyed the full functionality of a strong and youthful penis start to see weaker and weaker erections. Embarrassment starts to ensue. Thanks to a penis lasso, males can experience:
  • Harder erections
  • Tighten the lasso to their desire
  • Improved stimulation


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