Kegel Balls For Vaginal Looseness and Incontinence

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If you’ve ever constructed a paper airplane, you’ve noticed the short lifespan of paper. Overuse weakens the edges, damages the flaps and causes the plane to fly shorter distances—if at all. Muscles share some similarities with paper airplanes. Sure, the lifespan of muscles are higher, and muscles can self-repair, but some muscles heal faster and maintain their tone better than others. Overuse and aging causes muscles to weaken, lose their tone and their ability to self heal.
For aging women or women with children, the most apparent muscle damage occurs to the vaginal muscles. Use, childbirth and age cause the loss of muscle tone and strength, transforming the appearance of the vagina from a narrow slit to an oozing flap of skin. Despite the damage birth, hormones and excessive use may cause, women can strengthen their vaginal muscles to create tighter pelvic floor muscles for improved orgasms, penetration and appearance.
Overview of Kegel Balls
Made of latex, metal and plastic, Kegel Balls can strengthen the vaginal muscles. The claim seem outlandish, and the usage proves even more ostentatious, but each ball inserted into the vagina can tighten and tone the muscles. The contraction of vaginal muscles will squeeze the balls to grant tighter muscle tone and improved sexual experiences.
How to Use Kegel Balls
Prior to using any type of Kegel Ball, speak to your gynecologist. While most gynecologists will recommend and okay the use of Kegel Balls, some women should not try them.
  • Place lubrication on each ball. The lubrication will allow for a smoother insertion.
  • Insert one ball at a time. If you experience discomfort, raise one leg and insert.
  • Squeeze the muscles in your legs and follow with a compression of the PC muscles. You can locate your PC muscles by pretending to urinate and stopping mid stream. The muscles you contract are your PC muscles.
  • Keep the balls inside your vagina for 15 minutes. The balls will strengthen the PC muscles to improve your tightness and orgasms.
Kegel Balls at a Glance
  • Strengthen the PC muscles.
  • Create a tighter penetration and improve orgasms.
  • Require lube to prevent injury.
Product Comparison: Finding What’s Right for Me
Kegel Balls will vary in size and style. Some women may prefer Kegel Balls with beaded ridges, while others will enjoy balls without any bumps. Women looking for the best product should pay attention to the following:
Weight: Kegel Balls offer weight variations to strengthen your muscles. Beginners should start with the smallest weight available, while more experienced individuals can try larger weights.
Material: Most Kegel Balls use silicone and include some type of design to improve sensitivity. Women allergic to silicone should not use certain Kegel Balls, more importantly, women should not use silicone-based lubes with silicone toys (the lubricants destroy the toys).
Design: Ridges, groves and contorted shapes of each ball will enhance your pleasure.  Pay attention to the product descriptions for how these shapes can benefit your experience.   
Q: What Should I Use If I’m New to Kegel Exercises?
A: Beginners should use latex or plastic-based Kegel Balls that provide a better grip.
Q: When Should I Clean My Kegel Balls?
A: You should clean a Kegel Ball after every use and each time one slips out. Because these balls will go inside of your vaginal cavity, you must exercise care to prevent an injury.


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