Incredible Anti-Aging Solution for Penile Nerves & Venous Leak

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Erection Quality Seems Awful
Fill a balloon with helium and watch how easily it can soar through the air. Now take that same balloon and leave it inside a room for a few days. After a few hours, helium will slowly exude from the balloon. The once buoyant, vigorous balloon slowly descends toward the ground. Like a balloon, a man’s erection will start to lose some of its vigor, but instead of helium, men will gradually lose blood.

What It Is Formulated To Do:
  • Aid in maintaining a hard erection for a longer period of time
  • Stop venous leak by strengthen penile nerves
  • Stimulate the recovery of the penile arteries, tissues, and penis chamber to allow more blood flow and engorgement
  • Faster and more efficient blood flow to compress major (Emissary, Para-arterial, Cavernosal) veins to prevent venous leakage
  • Increase stamina and energy during love making
  • Relax smooth muscles and reduce blood constriction into penis chamber
  • Improve aging arteries caused by hypertension, diabetes and cholesterol drugs
Formulated To Fix Venous Leak Based On These Healing Herbs: 
Herb Overview
Alkaloids, flavonoids, mucilage, saponins, tannins and bioactive phenols found in these healing herbs improve erectile quality. 

Tribulus contains saponin, a chemical that produces and releases testosterone into the blood stream. Improved testosterone levels helps with erectile capacity.
Butea SuperbaTongkat Ali increases nitric oxide production when taken in the right dosage, making it ideal for a limp penis.
Licorice can help expel hundreds of known toxins, making for the ideal ingredient for people with diabetes suffering from impotence.
Lycium contents high beta-carotene levels, which stimulate the regeneration of liver cells, vitamins B and C and linoleic acid.
Sarsaparilla enhances the production and prevents the breakdown of testosterone.

According to the Research
In the last six years of ongoing research, more than 2,000 Chinese men have used the formula to treat various erectile dysfunctions, often caused by venous leaks. It has been reported that 75 percent of participants have indicated improvements in sexual activity and urinary control. 

Men who suffer from weak, often unsustainable erections can benefit from the powerful mixture of herbs that help eliminate Impotence & Unsustainable Erection Caused by Venous Leak.

What to get

Power E - Erection Enhancement Formula, 60 tabs, (Lin Institute)
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Pills Ashwagandha, Butea Superba, Cistanche, Cuscuta, Griffonia, Licorice, Mucuna Pruriens, Pygeum, Sarsaparilla, Tongkat Ali



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Ryann Liao posted on Thu, 05/09/2013 - 14:51
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I was never satisfied with the quality of my erection and tried everything to help me. I tried Viagra and every other thing that comes out on late night TV. All that stuff gave me was horrible side effects.

I went to the doctor to see if they would help and all they told me was my blood flow was not normal. I went on this site and found that Power E was what would help me. I have been using that for a little over a month and I went to the doctor yesterday. When my blood work came back I found out that my blood flow is back to normal.

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martinlu posted on Tue, 01/17/2017 - 02:15
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trollyep posted on Thu, 05/26/2016 - 07:32
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Guys do you need to drink this forever or only until you're cured


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